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Started by Jaiden, October 27, 2017, 09:30:47 pm

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I'm at it again, another silly question.

Is there any documentation on the RMXP battle system phases? I can gather some things from reading the comments in the base RPG Maker scripts, but I am going to be making some edits to a sideview battle system and was looking for more detailed documentation or tutorials if possible.


Wouldn't it be better to learn through the battle system script instead of trying to understand the default? It doesn't entirely benefit you if they're different in design structure.

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Perhaps so! But I wasn't sure if it would be optimum to understand the basics first, as I assumed all systems were built on that. This one in has various phase methods, but not very many comments in the code. (SBS Tankentai XP).


My "Collection" does have its own Battle System, but during the demo, I spend some time to explain a lot of stuff from the Default Battle System.  The custom Battle System I use extends the Default stuff heavily, but still relies on it for the basics.  Its a pretty easy way to see what else you can do with just the Default stuff just so you can build on your understanding of how it works.  This is especially true with Event Pages in the Battle System, which can be pretty confusing at first.  Other battle systems may or may not have anything to do with the Event Pages, but that depends on each of those battle systems.

The "Collection" also explains a ton of other things about the Default Editor that a lot of people dont know about, so it is a good place to start if you are also looking to learn how to push RMXP to its limits by using just the basics of everything it can and can not do.
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I saw this! I actually meant to post on your thread thanking you, the documentation was incredibly helpful. Your collection has become a staple in helping me develop my game :)

It turns out this particular battle system I am using extends (possibly badly) from the default stuff, so your battle system's documentation was really good!  I actually am currently referencing it while I try to figure out the system I'm using and fix it up.