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says "Read Messages" & "Send Message".. but does NOT have an option to see what was sent.. IE: "Sent Messages"... sometimes when you send something to someone, you would like to retrieve certain info, but cannot as their reply to you does not contain yer previous sent message... can we please add that to the MESSAGES tab? ty

can we also add "Add Friend" under the "MEMBERS" tab.. this way we can easiy access/communicate directly with certain people.. It would be a nice feature.


See the "Sent Items"? That's what you want.

Also, buddies don't really have any extra feature on here. All that happens is when you see the online members, it bolds any buddy's name.

If you want to add buddies, just go to the Members list, find their name and view their profile, then click the Add to buddy list below their profile. There's no reason to streamline this to the Members list.


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