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[MV] Chau Scene Stabilizer
« on: February 06, 2018, 07:38:32 AM »
Authors: Chaucer
Version: 2.0.0
Type: Scene Stabilizer
Key Term: Game Utility


This This plugin is designed to make transitions between scenes smoother. When changing scenes in mv, theres a slight lag spike
which occurs when loading files & rendering images, this is more apparent in games which use large images, or lots of images, This plugin will pause the game from updating until all elements in the scene have been loaded AND are ready to be rendered. I seen a few people on the forum bring this issue up, so I decided I'd try to come up with a solution, unfortunately I've been a bit busier than expected, so it's taken me a bit longer to get around to this than I anticipated.​


  • Transitioning between scenes is much smoother.
  • Options to wait for scene to stabalize when loading animations and pictures.
  • Option to preload audio for map/battle/title, before scene is loaded.




Dropbox Download




None that I know of.

Credits and Thanks

  • Chaucer
  • Oscar92player @ RMW forums, for suggesting adding audio preloader & helping to debug it.

Author's Notes
Code: [Select]
 Terms Of Use :

  This Plugin may be used commercially, or non commercially so long as credit
 is given, either in the games credit section, or in a text file alongside
 the game. This plugin may NOT be sold, or Plagiarized. This plugin may
 be extended upon, and shared freely.

 Version History :

 ● Version : 1.0.0
 ● Date : 13/01/2018
   ★ Release.

 ● Version : 1.4.0
 ● Date : 17/01/2018
   ★ Added the option to attempt to stabalize animations.

 ● Version : 1.5.0
 ● Date : 17/01/2018
   ★ Upload Animations to GPU before playing.
   ✩ Fixed issue with picture stabalization.

 ● Version : 1.5.1
 ● Date : 17/01/2018
   ✩ Accidentally deleted code to shorten pause time.

 ● Version : 2.0.0
 ● Date : 17/01/2018
   ★ Added preload function for BGM and BGS( map, battle & title scene only ).

 Contact Me :

  If you have questions, about this plugin, or commissioning me, or have
 a bug to report, please feel free to contact me by any of the below

 rmw :
 patreon :
 chaos-project username : chaucer
 discord : chaucer#7538
 skypeId : chaucer1991
 gmail : chaucer91


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