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Started by mobiusclimber, May 14, 2018, 03:16:49 pm

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Hi, I'm new to the forums and just wanted to say "hi." So... hi.

Ummm... about me? Besides the fact that I make references to things no one is gonna get? Uh.... let's see...

Been working on RM projects since the PS1 game, but only recently started work on PC ones. I'm currently making games in FES, XP and MV. They are all fuggin complicated and will take the rest of my life to finish, I'm sure. One is so complicated, I'm thinking in terms of dividing into parts and chapters (with each chapter featuring a different protagonist and setting). I dunno why I get myself into this kinda nonsense. I really wanted to make a short game to just show off my writing in the hopes of attracting artists and programmers. Yeah... not gonna happen. XD I'm still getting a feel for XP and MV. I had hoped to port my first FES game to either XP or MV (since I can't still work on it due to hitting a bug that locked me out of editing), but I can't seem to figure them out yet and it really seems like a lot of the things that are simple to do on FES are difficult to do on XP or MV. Ah well... maybe if/when I finish the other game I'm making on FES, I'll just redo the first one.

What else do ya wanna know? :D


sup dude

Weird that you think that way with FES. I found it harder to do the easy things in FES than in XP or even 2k3. Something like a push puzzle takes a ton of events when PC versions requires one event and (optionally) a parallel process.

Then again, I'm a scripter so I can basically do whatever I want in XP and not be limited to hard restrictions.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Oh that's definitely true. Making certain puzzles takes a lot more work, and some things are just not possible. I've got a bit of plugin set up in my MV game that equipment drops have prefixes and suffixes like in Diablo games (tho mine have four tiers: the base name + a person's name + a type of metal/crystal/etc + an "of the..." suffix.) I also have some code set up whereby skills level up with use, and on the first level up give the player the option of choosing between two new skills to add. I'm working on getting an age counter as well so the main character ages as the game progresses, complete with a slight stat boost and every ten years a new picture and sprite. On XP I'm working on a action-RPG using the Blizz-ABS. None of that stuff is possible in FES, that I'm aware. So yeah it's certainly limiting and for some things it's a lot easier to do if you know how to do it. But in FES, for instance, when you want to move characters or events, it has blocks that show the route rather than having to go down, down, down, left, left, etc. Of course, there's less features with that as well, so it's probably not for the best. But because it's so streamlined, it's easy to get in and make something quick. There's also just a lot of little things that you'd think should be baked into the Maker at this point: pixel movement, 8-way movement... I dunno, it just seems weird the amount of scripts/plugins that are made for things that should be a given. But FES has it's share of that too. There's no way to create a weapon that damages and does a status effect as well. I guess for someone like me, who doesn't know Ruby or Javascript, they both have their pluses and minuses. If I could code, tho... that would be a different story. It's like, when I fired up XP and immediately complained about the horrible graphics and tilesets.  I have to keep reminding myself that you aren't supposed to use the default junk. But it means I can't just pick up and build something.

Ugh, sorry for the wall of text. XD


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