Is it possible to get the Map_Infos.abs file generated outside of Blizz-ABS?

Started by Memor-X, July 25, 2018, 01:13:22 am

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I recently got Blizz-ABS working with with Zeriab's Disc Changer in which there was a bug where Maps in a disc folder was having the same passability as maps in the root Data folder because it was only useing the one Map_Infos.abs for the same map ids. obviously this means that you would need to enter the maps in game once before moving them to a disc folder.

because i play though maps and make alterations as i go this means i would be doing alot of copy and pasting if i was working between disks. since the .abs file is only updated for a map if it's been played, one would assume that you could run all the maps though a loop like

for id = 0; id < 999; id +=0
map_name = 'Map'+id.to_s+'.rxdata'
map_data = load map_name
update Map_Infos.abs(map_data)

So is there a way to call whatever function generates the Map_Infos.abs file outside of Blizz-ABS like in a separate script?


Wait what? I don't see where you have to physically play on the map to save its changes to Map_Data.abs

The Map_Data.abs file is only written to in the method check_map_data, which is called when $BlizzABS is created, which takes place before Main is even reached. It goes through every single map ID present in your project upon play-testing.

There's also no such thing as Map_Infos.abs in the BABS scripts.

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Quote from: KK20 on July 25, 2018, 01:46:01 am
There's also no such thing as Map_Infos.abs in the BABS scripts.

sorry, i did mean Map_Data.abs, different computer and running off memory so couldn't double check and have been altering stuff that uses MapInfos.rxdata aswell so must have mixed them up in my head

anyways, seems like i might have been mistaken then in how the data is generated. i thought it was done per map played so it wasn't getting data on used maps used to group the tree design in the editor. thanks for clearing that up