Whimsical Misadventures of Cinderella

Started by Starmage, November 03, 2018, 10:25:08 pm

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By: Team Starry Horizons (Berry and Starmage)

Whimsical Misadventures of Cinderella is Team Starry Horizon's submission to the RMN Twisted Fairytale event. The game will involve heavy JRPG elements mixed with some subtle dark/adult subject matter and religious themes. We hope that you are ready for such content. Until then, enjoy! ^_^

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Once Upon a time, on the faraway city of Detroit, there lived a sweet girl named Cinderella. She was turning 18, and her friends invited her to a party at the city's most exquisite Pantheon Club; hoping to finally open the doors of partying and smashing to Cindy. But during the party, with reasons unknown; Cindy suddenly got pulled into a new magical world. This world is called Jamelot, where mushrooms are big and animals can talk. Along the way, Cindy makes new animal friends that can help her solve the mysteries of Jamelot. Will Cindy ever find her way back home to Detroit?

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Age: 17
Zodiac: Gemini
Description: Cinderella is a very naive and sweet young girl who's also very gullible. She lives with her Step Mother and Step Sisters who are all very kind to her. Cinderella's friends (Particularly; Jaqie) nicknamed her "Cinderelli".

Age: 19
Zodiac: Cancer
Description: Jaqie is a very rich young man who makes a living through illegal means. He is very calculating, manipulative, charming and dangerous. He is one of Cinderella's friends since elementary school.

Age: 18
Zodiac: Taurus
Description: Gustav is the son of a rich con-artist couple. He has lived his whole life knowing nothing about decision making and standing for what you believe in. In short, he's kinda dumb. Gustav follows Jaqie's footsteps wherever he goes, believing that only Jaqie knows what's good for him. He is one of Cinderella's friends since elementary school.

Age: 19
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Description: Marylu is a hot-headed sociopath who has a thing for seeing bloodshed all around her. She likes to get drunk all the time and she has a very adventurous spirit. She is one of Cinderella's friends since elementary school.

Age: 17
Zodiac: Virgo
Description: Blooey is a hopeless romantic who's stuck with his head high on the clouds. He loves chilling and believes in one love, unity, and peace. He is one of Cinderella's friends since elementary school.

Age: 19
Zodiac: Aquarius
Description: Kit is a very hardworking and goal-oriented young man. He cares deeply for his loved ones and friends. He is very understanding. Kit is Cinderella's boyfriend.

Age: 17
Zodiac: Scorpio
Description: Anastasia is one of Cinderella's step-sisters. She is very logical yet her emotions run deep. Anastasia is very focused on education and is very passionate towards learning new things and discovering the unknown.

Fairy God "Mother"
Age: ???
Zodiac: ???
Description: An otherworldly anomaly that helps Cinderella during her darkest times. The God Mother is an enigma that travels the ethereal planes between life and death.

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- 3-4 hours of gameplay
- Colorful cast of characters
- Engaging and fun turn-based strategy battles with a special stack system that affects your skills' abilites.
- A stat distribution system that allows you to customize your party members' stats.
- Playable characters that offers their own unique traits in battles
- An Unlockable mode that offers new story content with fun boss battles along with multiple endings
- Very intriguing yet simple storyline that will leave you curious and engaged.
- Mesmerizing fairy-tale/Coloring book styled game aesthetics.
- Enjoy BerryB/BerryRMN's beautiful artworks from enemy sprites to facesets to CGs.

Whimsical Misadventures of Cinderella GOODIES:

- Toasty/RPGtime's First Impression Stream for the game:

- HawkZombie's 3 part stream of the full game (version 1.0):

- Studio Blue's stream for the full game:


Mostly everything: Degica Co., LTD


- BerryB
- Sherman 3D
- Jgreene
- SkottyTV
- whtdragon
- Loose Leaf
- PandaMaru
- McSunday
- GrandmaDeb
- Kattriella
- hian
- Creative Ed
- kokororeflections
- Moghunter
- Michael Galefire


- Murray Atkinson
- Joel Steudler
- Gyrowolf
- kwahmah_02
- oceanictrancer
- Bitter Sweet Entertainment, Inc.
- Wingless Seraph/YouFulca : https://wingless-seraph.net/en/material-music.html
- Kevin Macleod


- Yanfly
- Hime
- Moghunter
- Galv
- SumRndmDde
- Shaz

Hope you all enjoy! ^_^


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Hi everyone! Here is a stream that our good friend Toasty/RPGtime made for our game!! ^_^ :) Hope you enjoy! ANd do check out his channel, or join his discord server as seen on the video description! ;)



Hi everyone!! I just wish to share with you all @HawkZombie 's fun-filled stream of our game!! ^_^ :) It's 3 parts in total! Oh! And do subscribe to his channel and join his discord server (link the video descriptions) for more awesome RPG maker streams!! ^_^ XD :D


Enjoy! ^_^ :D


Hello everyone! <3 I just wish to share with youStudio Blue's very fun-filled stream for this game! <3 Done for their collab series with RPG Maker Web! :D ^_^ I hope you guys enjoy!! :)