RMMV Slime Kingdom (IGMC Entry)

Started by jayje, November 30, 2018, 08:56:55 pm

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This is a Prototype submission for the IGMC 2018. I stopped progress on my current project, to try my hand at this. Leave me your thoughts, ideas and feedback. T.I.A.


A lowly slime barely survives an encounter with an adventurer and limps(?) his way home. He's mad about his lot in life as just a exp grab for some dimwitted noob with a dream. He's tired of the oppression of those wandering brutes and their swords and spells.

He decides to fight back and create a safe place for slimes of all kinds to ooze about their lives. This is his story...

You know the basic trope. A mob decides to be a hero, after some kind of miraculous event. But THIS time, it's a slime determined to make a safe space for him and his. The world is just like any RPG world with heroes, demon kings, dragons, etc and our gooey little friend has to overcome them all. He'll need some help to avoid being a smear on some adventurer's boot. Can he recruit a strong enough team to accomplish his almost impossible goal?

SLIMES come in many different forms, based on environment/element:
Snots: Poison
Nectars: Healing
Magmas: Fire
Clays: Earth
Rimes: Ice
Mosses: Plant
Custards: Lightning
Gels: Water
Meringues: Air
Slags: Metal

Game Mechanics/Features

Synchronicity/Synergy affects most aspects of the this game. As you gather Party members, growing closer to them helps unlock many great benefits:

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-Synergy: When two or more party members have a high enough affinity, they can unleash a Synergy Charge that gives a boost to skills and attacks.

-Synchro Skills (element): party members can gain skills that are a fusion of theirs and another members element.

-Fusions: All slimes can fuse together and with other creatures. (Not in Prototype, yet)

Other Features
-Equippable Talents: Sometimes enemies will give you skills that you can equip them with.

-Expandable Kingdom map: The more members you recruit, the bigger your kingdom grows. (Not available in-game, will add later)

-A unique Storybook-like Art style!

-Side-scrolling Maps: Because THEY'RE COOL!

-Sideview Battle System: Best fit for a game like this, IMHO...

These are seen throughout the prototype.
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