Hello guys!

Started by Crixus, March 15, 2019, 10:59:09 pm

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Hello everyone, I found this site through Google.
I am Brazilian, but I am well educated, I guarantee that I read the rules before registering here. : biggrin:

About me:
I would like to show some tutorials and systems that I did, also do Javascript and CSS for Web, currently I am learning CANVAS to develop games or systems for browsers.

Some of my works, most canceled or paused:

Fallen Angels:

Alex vs. Mr. Lich

Pac-Man: M-A


Demos and tutorial:
Plataform like Mario:

Basic CBS:

Global Path:


Monster Gallery:

Isometric ISO-VIEW:


Welcome! Based off your screenshots, looks like you were part of the 2k3 community for a while.
We all hang around in Discord, so don't think we're all dead. xD

Other Projects
RPG Maker XP Ace  Upgrade RMXP to RMVXA performance!
XPA Tilemap  Tilemap rewrite with many features, including custom resolution!

Nintendo Switch Friend Code: 8310-1917-5318
Discord: KK20 Tyler#8901

Join the CP Discord Server!


I saw the channel on Discord, thank you anyway.