[RMXP] Limit party members in battle and party switching

Started by Shadi, August 15, 2019, 03:17:52 am

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I making my own pokemon game without using starter kits. I making it with a combination of events and scripts.
I want to make battle system from rpg maker similar to original pokemon games. I already set trainer throwing pokeball animation by events, add hp bars to enemies by somebody script and add enemy trainer challenging player animation by events.
I look for posibility to battle 1 vs 1 with present party of gamer. So i need script, which would make possible limiting creatures (rpg maker heroes) used simultaneously in combat to one, making window to select this creature possible to select from the fight menu instead of a physical attack and by calling the menu selection script when the opponent changes the pokemon (monster) - this is done on events
The last thing that is important is that the order of the team after the fight remains unchanged (I use the catepillar script and only the first hero / pokemon has human character graphics on map)
Avaible party switchers for rpg maker xp are not for me, because they are making possible change from all heroes avaibles in database, not only those who are already on the team, they are not limiting party members possible to use in battle to one and in majority causes they are not working in battle, only on map.
I'm from Poland, so i register at this forum mainly for searching this and other help. There is topic of my game for these of us, who know polish language:
It is all. Hear you soon!


I found a script, which can solve my problems. https://www.gdunlimited.net/forums/topic/8413-party-changing-system/
It makes possible changing party members to use in battle only from actual party members.
Only modification i need is to make possible saving actual party squad and returning to it after battle by script.
It is important for compatibility with box system made by events and with catepillar script (party member who have human character should by after battle everytime at first place in party, to prevent situation when human is going in catepillar after pokemon).
I will be grateful for help.