[XP] "Hoarding" EXP/Pausing Levelup, Wagering, and Banking

Started by Fatih, August 28, 2019, 03:44:50 pm

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If possible I would like there to be a script that "hoards" collected EXP gained by normal combat victories. Usually EXP is given to Actors immediately, though I would like it so that this EXP is actually given once you return to "base" through a script call or something similar. With that, this likely would need a GUI at the end for clarity, which shows a change in level similar to getting levels in battle - and to make things clear, I am using a 8-player party script, so preferably a scene like that would fit accordingly for the number of actors returning from the venture.
- The TLDR: Don't give EXP immediately - keep it in memory, then give it when something is called, and perhaps have a scene that shows the EXP given and all.
An alternative is to pause level-up processing, but that would be less preferable for another function down the line. However, everything past this point is simply preferable depending on whoever would take up the task, since this on its own might be a lot.

The next part of the script would be that you can "wager" your EXP after battle. When you finish a battle or begin one (whichever is better for the purpose of the script), a button input or menu will ask if you want to keep rolling. If you fight more consecutive enemies in a row and win, your EXP gain per-battle increases by an amount, perhaps expressed as (1.00 + x*.02) where x is the amount of battles won. The gain applies for that battle only, and not to the total sum of EXP hoarded that is planned to be used when returning to base. If the cast loses, then the cast would lose the Bonus EXP and then some more (unless the game Game Overs, though in my case it does not as GO's send you back home) from the hoarded pool.
- TLDR: When activated, consecutive fights increase "Bonus EXP" rate, which is increased per battle and added to the pool. Losing a fight makes you lose much of your overall Hoard.

The final part, which is likely the most consuming, probably has to do with a new scene as well unless this can be done with simple variable storing and math. When you return to base to have your actors gain the hoarded EXP, you can choose to "store" some (or all, perhaps the limit is configurable) of your EXP into a "bank". What this does is let you then go to a different menu where you can allocate this stored EXP to more of a single unit, a unit that wasn't in your party, or even new units that are just starting out that might die too fast in the dungeon. In other words, a way to set aside EXP for later use.
- TLDR: When returning home, you can set aside EXP. Another menu later on lets you use this stored EXP and allocate however much you want of it to a unit. Likely needs a confirmation as you cannot go back. Also likely needs a new scene.

All in all, this might seem like one large script that's really personalized, and might not apply to a lot of projects since many games simply give you EXP immediately and see no need for lots of this. Nonetheless, if at the very least EXP hoarding can be done, it can lead to quite a few things such as dungeon traps, gifts, shops, and so on. I would assume that EXP is given equally to all units iirc in XP, so I'm unsure if the Hoarded amount should end up being times the amount of actors, remain the same, or is divided in any case. I can provide answers to questions or post image ideas if need be. Thanks in advance.