[XP] Avoiding Mistakes with Tilesets Locks

Started by Crixus, October 04, 2019, 01:47:37 am

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This tutorial will teach you how to avoid the classic difficulty of using multilayer TILESETs that has been happening a lot since RpgmakerXP was released.
How many times have you not created a non-working Tileset block and kept banging your head to know why? So find out now.

Source: https://rpgmakerworld.smfnew2.com/graphic-tutorials/(xp)-avoiding-mistakes-with-tilesets-locks

Start by downloading the Tileset template right here:


Editing Correctly:
Open Template with an image editor (which supports 32-bit PNG).

I will use this sample tileset:


Copy the image from "Tileset" to TEMPLATE.:


Then you will create a unique background color for transparency:


If you are using MS Paint, use a color you do not have in the "Tileset" color palette:


Where there is nothing you leave the color of TEMPLATE which is green-color and pink-color:.


Finishing and testing:
If you are an advanced image editor save as a new file PNG 32-Bit (with transparency).
If it is in MS Paint save as PNG only.

Use the same filename as the original Tileset to replace in the editor.

Now you can see exactly which tiles you should not use:


To clear map objects use the first AUTOTILE, the one with no graph. This is the only one that does not affect "blockages" and "passages" in any layer: