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Started by PrinceEndymion88, January 15, 2020, 11:56:28 am

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Hi guys, I'm searching for a script that allow to an actor to follow the hero.
I found Zeriab's Caterpillar Script but it works only with actors in the party. For i.e. I want that when the script is enable actor with id "005" will appear in the map and follows the hero (it doesn't matter if the actor is in the party or not).

Is it possible?

Thanks in advanca


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I believe, and I could be wrong, that there's a way to do this with the caterpilar script build into BABS (Blizzs Action Battle System). Might be worth reading through the manual on that to see if it fits your needs.

Other than that, besides scripting it out yourself, the closest I can suggest is make the character an event that has an approach attribute but, thats barely close to what you want I think.

EDIT: May I ask though, why you want an actor to follow a party around a map, if that character isn't part of the party?
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Hi thanks for your reply. I'll try to explain it 😅
I have a character (a cat) which is not playable in battle but will only follow my heroine in map.
So my idea is:
I create an event with the appearance of the cat. When my heroine speak interact with it the event is replaced with my unplayable actor (through a script call) and it will start following the heroine.

And with a script call I can stop my follower.

I hope this is understandable 😅


Have you tried Heretic's?

Looking at the features, it says it supports non-party followers.

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I think Blizz made a edit for a request I made a while ago to the Caterpillar script in TONs for guest characters to follow the player party.
You could always look into that

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