Another RO Job/Skill add-on

Started by Spoofus, February 21, 2020, 01:32:40 pm

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Hey y'all I was seeing if I could get help with another add-on for the RO Job/Skill learning script.

The way I am handling the actor job and skill learning is kind of different, anyways.
I have looked and messed with the RO script enough now to know it can't do something I am looking do,I know you can set the RO script to either make the points used for learning and leveling up skills so that they must be all used before you can change class/job, or the learning points are universal amongst every class/job for the actor

The way I am handling actor job's and job changes is based on if a certain piece of gear is equipped and skill learning is through the RO script.

So the actor class/job still levels up like normal to earn the points needed to learn and level up skills,
The thing is I dont want the learning points to, must be all be used or universal amongst all the actor jobs, where I am handling the class/job changes based on certain equipped gear, and the points that arent used for that class get saved and can be used when going back to that class.

I guess a example could help
Say you have a Warrior Gem equipped and it sets that actor class to "Warrior" and you get some levels in it and have say....20 points to learn/level up skills and you only use 5 of them, and you decide to equip a Cleric Gem to learn a few healing spells to use as a warrior
After leveling that class enough to earn say 4 points and used 3 to learn heals.
The you re-equip the Warrior Gem and go back in to learn more skills you will still have those 15 points for that class you didn't use.

So basically I am wanting to emulate that learning points will tied to a class instead of being used universally or having to use them all before changing classes.

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