[PAID] Custom Autotiles job (for various terrains)

Started by Blizzard, March 21, 2020, 09:14:53 am

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March 21, 2020, 09:14:53 am Last Edit: March 21, 2020, 09:51:26 am by Blizzard
I am looking for an artist that can create several autotiles and slightly rework a few small tilesets. This is for use in RPG Maker MV, but the format used is RPG Maker XP! I have reference material in form of battlebacks and already created autotiles.

Important Info

I have reference material in form of the previous autotiles and in form of battle backgrounds (for color reference mostly).

To clarify the terminology I will use first:

  • base - This is the base terrain that is used as the lower layer of the autotile.
  • overlay - This is the terrain that goes above and is used as the upper layer of the autotile.
  • terrain - The actual graphic of the autotile. It can be used either as base or as overlay.

As an example, this autotile uses a sand base and a water overlay:

"sand-water autotile": ShowHide

Note the diagonal corners! This is very important: The autotiles must have diagonal corners!

There are a few additional requirements. Here's a list of all of them:

  • XP-styled autotiles
  • tile resolution is 48x48px like in MV (not 32x32px like in XP default RTP!)
  • diagonal corners
  • unlike in XP, the top left tile is used for the end of single-tile-width "channels" (I can show you an example, incidentally the one example from above actually has a broken tile for that)

List of terrains

  • grass
  • barren land (bright brown with cracks)
  • dirt land (dark brown with lesser visible cracks)
  • snow
  • sand (basically desert, but also used for beaches)
  • swamp
  • shallow water
  • medium water
  • deep water
  • road (should be somewhat thinner than normal autotile setups)
  • snow road (basically the same as road, but colored white-ish, probably best as a darker shade than the snow terrain)
  • sand road (basically the same as road, but colored brighter, probably best as a darker shade than the sand terrain)
  • normal trees
  • pine trees
  • snowy pine trees
  • palms

List of autotiles (as final products)

This is a list of all autotiles that only use base:

  • grass
  • shallow water
  • medium water

This is a list of all autotiles that use base + overlay:

  • grass + barren
  • grass + dirt
  • grass + snow
  • grass + sand
  • grass + swamp
  • barren + dirt
  • barren + snow
  • barren + sand
  • barren + swamp
  • dirt + snow
  • dirt + sand
  • dirt + swamp
  • shallow water + medium water
  • medium water + deep water
  • transparent + road
  • transparent + snow road
  • transparent + sand road
  • transparent + shallow water
  • transparent + normal trees
  • transparent + pine trees
  • transparent + snowy pine trees
  • transparent + palms

List of tilesets that need reworking

These mostly need some color corrections to fit with the autotiles you create and with the battle backgrounds.

  • 4 mountain tilesets in different colors
  • 2 cliff tilesets in different colors

Artist Requirements

  • some experience in drawing tiles and tilesets
  • this is for commercial use so the artist needs to be ok with that


  • Paypal
  • Transferwise


Please send any offers directly to my email boris.blizzard[at]gmail.com. Include a price for every graphic (category-wise or otherwise) and the time required to make all the graphics. Please also include links to a portfolio so I can check out previous work that you have done. I'll be looking forward to your messages. :)

Other Notes

It probably makes sense that the road autotiles have slightly rounded corners instead of diagonal ones because of how mapping works. Though, it would be great if diagonal roads could somehow be made to work without having to use a normal tileset.
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