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Started by Heretic86, June 12, 2020, 07:09:51 am

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RPG Maker MZ is a new installment in the RPG Maker series to be released on Steam for Windows and macOS this summer. This will allow you to get in touch with your inner Lord British to create an old-school role-playing game. Word is: "Including all new features, and some fan favorite returning features, RPG Maker MZ will make RPG Making faster and easier than ever before. But making it easier wasn't our only aim, this RPG Maker aims to be the most powerful for experienced developers as well." Here's more from the description, including a bit that humorously describes how their collection of premade assets can be used "to create a game that's absolutely full of originality":

A Tool Designed to Make Games

RPG Maker is known in Japan as "RPG Tsukūru." "Tsukūru" is a coined term that, in a literal sense, combines the Japanese words for "make" and "tool." This signifies that RPG Maker is a tool that is designed to make games. Within RPG Maker, we have already programmed the basic operations that support RPGs. You can make games easily by just combining settings for game components that are comprised of the main character's parameters and enemies' movements.

Create an Original Game with Ease!

As samples, we have prepared a wealth of resources comprised of drawings and music that are needed to make games. All you need to focus on is giving shape to your own ideas. On top of that, for anyone looking for something beyond the samples already provided, we have set aside a vast collection of additional downloadable content intended for the RPG Maker series.
By using these assets in combination, you can create a game that's absolutely full of originality.
Current Scripts:
Heretic's Moving Platforms

Current Demos:
Collection of Art and 100% Compatible Scripts

(Script Demos are all still available in the Collection link above.  I lost some individual demos due to a server crash.)


Let's be real, it's just MV Ace. Updated Javascript + node.js. Slightly updated database. Includes a highly requested plugin as a database setting. And probably a $100 price tag with no change in price to MV's $80.

Another hard pass for me.

Also, hey, nice to see you're still around. :)

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