[Resolved][XP]Wecoc's Battle Scope Script Bug with Resurrection

Started by Wraith89, September 10, 2020, 02:53:37 pm

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Using the fix from KK20's edit to Wecoc's Battle Scope, there is still a bit of weird processing when using revival skills. The animation of a skill that was last used plays before one is revived, I think particularly a "target all enemy" skill. If enemy used Fire 3 on your side, for example, and your character was KOd, and you would revive the said character, Fire 3's animation would play on your side again before your character was revived. I'm not sure if that's the only bug on that but is there any way to disable that? Thank you.


Do you see this?
      when 2, 11..14  # all enemies
        for actor in live_actors + dead_actors # Bugfix
Apparently the + dead_actors is the problem. I don't get why it's marked as a bug fix though. So I'd suggest you remove them (there's 4 in the script) and test thoroughly.

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