Started by Ickh, October 20, 2020, 02:46:20 pm

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Hi everyone!
Some pages of this forum are in my bookmarks since years and now I decided to join mainly to thank the authors of several scripts I'm using in my project. I have already credited them inside the game, but that doesn't seem enough.  :)
My special thanks go to Blizzard and Heretic for their very useful scripts as well as KK20 and all the contributors to the XPA project which I discovered some days ago. You guys did a great job!


Hey welcome! :)
We're all hanging out in the Discord server if you want some form of activity.

Other Projects
RPG Maker XP Ace  Upgrade RMXP to RMVXA performance!
XPA Tilemap  Tilemap rewrite with many features, including custom resolution!

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