My Pokemon Crystal Clear Experience

Started by Spoofus, November 19, 2020, 04:56:28 am

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This is my review of playing through a rom hack of Pokemon: Crystal
Pokemon: Crystal Clear

 This rom hack is a very good and fun playthrough, The creators have done a very excellent
job and opening up the world for the player right from the beginning.
After you pick where you start at and which Pokemon you chose as your starter.
You can go anywhere, since the HM obstacles are cleared out of main pathways so you are not hindered by them.
HMs are still available, since some of them  are useful attacks.
The gyms can be done in any order you want to do them in, I myself found myself doing them in a random order
based on what Pokemon I was leveling up, or looking for at the time.
 As you collect badges, the difficulty of the other gyms increase, as well as the levels and what pokemon trainers out in the world
will have in order to provide a challenge. As you progress through the game, by the time you get to the 16th gym you have to clear the
levels of a trainer's Pokemon out in the world, and that of the gym leaders.
Trainers out in the world will max out around level 45 or so, while Gym Leaders and their trainer lackeys will pumped up to
level 75 plus which can provide a good challenge depending on which gym you saved for last.

 The additions that they added in the game world such as whole new areas to explore, and to me one of the changes
I liked a lot was to the Safari Zone, you pay the $500 fee, but it lets you take you pokemon an, your own pokeballs which makes
catching stuff in it so much easier and in the department store in both Celadon and Goldenrod City there is a npc that helps you get
trade evolutions for free, and if you press select on a pokemon in your party they will follow you around on the map which also helps
gain happiness for the Pokemon following you. And when a box is filled up, you will get notified and it ask if you want to switch
to the next box, so you dont have to go out of your way to go back to a PokeCenter to change boxes to keep catching Pokemon
You are also able to rechallenge gyms that you have already defeated, and you can set the difficulty of the gym you are rechallenging
from having zero badges up to the max challenge of having all 16 badges, Just to know that in order to challenge the
Elite 4  you just need eight badges, and the Elite 4 do get stronger each time you challenge and defeat them.
 There are a whole ton of quality of life changes and fixes for the base game, which can be read from the changelog and other
documents provided for the game if you wanted to know more. (link provided below for the documentation)

Now for the Customization.

 At the start of the game you pick either Johto or Kanto for your starting region and you can pick from
any town to start of from, the house you have in your starter town can be customized and you can also decide
to move into another house as well, depending on how much you are willing to spend on a house, and in a certain town you can buy
decorationsso that you can change the decor of your house, which is like the secret base system from the other games.
 After you pick the town you will start from, the game starts your sprite customization, which is very well in depth and
I hate to admit it took me a good while to get my sprite just right. You can pick from several different models for your sprite
for both male, female, and a option of neither so you can play as you identify as. You can change your colors of a main color
and sub color, so you can stand out. (in below images I will have screen shots of how, my sprite looked)
The selection of starter Pokemon is nice and varied. You choose 1 Pokemon from a list of 24 different ones.
There is your standard starters from both Gen 1 and 2, the others ranging from the baby pokemon Smoochum,Elekid, Magby, and Pichu
as well as a Magikarp, Ditto, and Smeargle if you want to challenge yourself. I myself ended up choosing Magby.

Documentation for the game:

My character sprite:
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My team I used to defeat the Elite 4
Magmar, Electabuzz, Fearow, Starmie, KangasKhan, and Houndoom
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