[MV/MZ] Battle Status and a Few Extras Request

Started by Spoofus, November 25, 2020, 05:24:19 am

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 Hey all, I was wondering if someone could do a plug in for MV and MZ
for actor battle status, and related windows.

 I will have a dumdum image to help explain what I am going for
because I might not be able to explain too good knowing me.

 I am just going for a simple front view look, where the actor windows will position according to how many
actors are in the party.(cant miss my view of it in image)
 Some of the things I was wanting to work for this is obviously to be able to
edit the size/position of the windows, and the positions of the Actor face, Name, HP, MP, TP, States(icons) and
size of the bars and state icon size within the status windows.
 I was planning of using the actor Face set to represent the actor
(if possible have the face set to show outside of the status window for the actors)
and if possible have it where it shows the animations of attack/skill effects of both player and enemy actions
to show on the face set instead of a text box displaying text of the actions.
(remove the action text, im sure you know what I meant)
when targeting a actor for healing and all that, I was looking to have both the status window and the face graphic
flash to show which actor is being selected, and as for the enemy being selected, just have the graphic for the enemy to flash

In the image box 2 is to represent the actor commands, skill/spell window, and item window
when it is a actors turn the face graphics moves so much the the side so that the actor commands, skill/spell window, and item windows
will display above that respective actors status window
while box 3 will be a help window to show enemy target name, and the skill/spell/item information
for enemy actions have their help window separate from the one for the actors
(planned on keeping at the top of the screen)

Image cause I am bad at explaining things:
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late note for me, please forgive me if I am remotely vague, had to post it before I would forget anything
I came up with this after a few months of debating on having a side-view battle or front-view battle

My Blog site I am working on: http://spoofus.weebly.com/