RMXPACE + RMX-OS (Need help tracking down a download)

Started by Cryro, December 30, 2020, 01:52:36 am

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Apologies if this should of been posted under a different topic instead of this lame new one, however  I'm currently trying to track down a working version of RMX-OS for XPACE since well... There's literally no working downloads on any forum post here, the website is down, and the SINGULAR game I found that used it has a dead download and died a few years back.

If anyone is able to get me the scripts on their own at-least since I believe and hope server-side its the same, I would be immensely grateful   
Lord help my dumb half ruby understanding ass


Did you actually try first? It'd be easier to just fix the bugs rather than hope the one or two eyes who see this post somehow have a copy on their old hard drive.

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I have tried and messed around a little bit, it seems really the only issue is the save formats (Mostly just loading) and I gotta be honest its somewhat stumped me, though I might try looking into it more.
Lord help my dumb half ruby understanding ass