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Started by Jragyn, December 31, 2020, 01:53:16 pm

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JABS - J's Action Battle System
Authors: J / JE / Jragyn
Version: 1.00
Type: Action Battle System
Key Term: Custom Battle System


After over a decade of leveraging other people's plugins/scripts, I finally have decided to give back.
Enter: JABS, my (J/JE/Jragyn) Action Battle System.
Using this plugin will allow you to battles on the map akin to many popular franchises that start with zeld-.

This was largely inspired by Blizzard's ABS (BlizzABS / BABS, for XP) and Moghunters ABS (XAS / Chrono Engine, for XP+/MV).

It is also by no means perfect, and I fully expect lots of bugs and other imperfections to be found... afterall, I did only develop this in like, 3 months!
I am also not a sprite-maker or artist by any stretch. Though this would probably support cool animations and poses etc, I have no idea how to create them and know no one personally who can/would for me.


  • JABS is an Action Battle System, enabling battles to happen on the map.
  • Battlers can be created via events w/ specific notes.
  • Battlers will follow their configured AI (that you decide with notes).

Comes with a few extra plugins that one may expect in an ABS, but are by no means required (just useful):
  • A simple HUD (displays face + hp/mp/tp/xp-to-next + status icons and their counters).
  • A simple text log (tracks activity like damage dealt and received, EXP/GP/loot earned, etc.).
  • A simple action key setup (shows cooldowns and combos etc.)

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You can find the sample project on my public code repository.
It lives right over here.
Just click the ... in the upper right and Download as Zip.

The code is within the demo provided above (you wouldn't want 10k lines of code pasted here anyway).

It is strongly recommended you utilize the demo project as a base to build your own project off of. The plugins are in the order they should be, and the whole thing should just work out of the box. Additionally, the demo does showcase some of the native capabilities of the engine and steps you, the RM developer, through some of the basic stuff and guides you where to look for things.

This was not tested with any other real plugins aside from what is within the project. If there are plugins/scripts out there that tamper with the way events work, there may be some incompatibilities. However, I did my best to extend and not overwrite where possible.

Credits and Thanks

  • Blizzard (and Winkio I think?)
  • Moghunter

Author's Notes

I deliberately left all code open for the public to view and edit as they see fit (please be kind and give credit where credit is due!).
When I first started out playing around in RMXP, the ability to look into other people's scripts and such helped me learn how to do things on my own. I have built many-a-extensions for scripts/plugins over the years that I just kept to myself... but with JABS, I hope this to become a collaborative community effort! So, if you're a crafty enough developer yourself and want to extend this engine with your own added functionality, I would humbly ask that you loop me into the changes you hope to make! It is totally possible that I just didn't think of adding it myself and would add it to JABS for all to use!

Additionally, if you have questions about the code, I'd be happy to explain most anything you'd see in the J-ABS.js file (or any of my plugins).

Thank you, and happy RM-ing!
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I'd like to take an extra moment and give a shoutout to Blizzard (and Winkio?) for setting the bar of what an ABS should be, and giving it out for free. Your excessive amounts of generosity in my late teen/early 20s era when I first got into RMXP with all those scripts blew my mind and inspired me to also do development stuff.

Now, fast-forward to the end of 2020, I'm a developer by day for work, and decided it was time to give back: and this is (albeit very rough around the edges) my tribute to the RM community.

The concept of map battlers and AI were never seen again in any future ABS engines for future RPG Makers (that i could find), and they were brilliant... so much so that I also incorporated (though incomplete) the same idea into this engine. I hope to expand it and flesh it out as much as your ABS was, and leave it open for others to extend as they see fit- because that is how it should be. I specifically came back here to share this because this is (for me) really where it all started.

Thank you!
A bright light can either illuminate or blind, but how will you know which until you open your eyes?


Thank you. :)

Yes, winkio continued working on Blizz-ABS and is the one that kept it up to date later on.
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