[XP] Skill Names that are longer than the character limit?

Started by Makoto77, February 10, 2021, 09:04:54 pm

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Well, I tried to make a skill, but the name is too long, so RPG Maker XP doesn't let me type it fully.
Is there a way to make a skill name longer than this limit somehow?


class RPG::Skill
  alias use_database_skill_name name
  def name
    return case self.id
    # Begin config here
    when 1 then 'Ultra-Divine Healing Magic Given by the Gods to a Mere Mortal'
    # when ID then 'Your Skill Name'
    # End config
    else use_database_skill_name
You can basically follow this kind of template for all the other RPG:: classes and their methods.

Just note that, if you're trying to write the skill name in a small area, your text will get squished and be difficult to read and/or chopped off. The character limit the database uses probably assumed usage of the default skill window.

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I'm using the default skill window, but the text that goes beyond the character limit doesn't appear squished (which is good ofc)
Thank you very much.