Anyone interested in RPG Maker XP games?

Started by SolarisSpell, March 15, 2021, 06:23:12 am

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So... this is my forth topic and only one has received an answer, so I wanted to ask to avoid just spamming the forum talking with none.

Is anyone interested in RPG Maker XP projects? I know it's a very old engine, so is understandable if it has been forgotten.

You always feel passionate about showing your game to other people, but probably its time has already past. Also, my project won't be in English in it's first version, so I think none will be interested in trying it here. But I'm optimistic, so here I am asking.



Very rarely does anyone view the forums. We've migrated over to the Discord server for general conversations and programming help. The website is basically up for archival purposes.

To the topic at hand, no one really cares what engine you use as long as the game made with it is good. Yes, XP is old, but it's not like people have an instant instinct that, because you're not using MV/MZ, your game is inherently bad. We have a user, Jaiden, who is currently making a commercial game with XP that looks better than most Steam shovelware out there. I've had several people contact me for commercialized usage of XP Ace.

Just know that because you're using a dated engine that a lot of options are limited and/or require extensive programming to incorporate.

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That's good to know.

I'm enjoying using RPG Maker XP and I think the result is turning to be good (I know, is my game, so it could be terrible and I would love it...). Maybe I should say that the game is better than what I though I could do.