Started by Ti-Max, April 20, 2021, 05:25:47 pm

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Hi Chaos Project community,

I'm Ti-Max, from Quebec, I work on RMXP since 14 years now and on my game called "Creas".

My skills in RPG Maker is more event programming and a little in script. My level in mapping and graphic are ok too.

I search several time for script on this forum and now i decide to register.

Hope we can exchange in the future.


Hello :hi:

Not many people around to "exchange" with, just a forewarning. A few of us do hang out in Discord though.

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Yes, I see this, forums in general aren't what they used to be. Maybe I'll check out the Discord server.

Thank you.


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Hello Ti-Max

I'm also working with RPG Maker XP and have found lot of useful info in this forum and have received amazing help.
Hope you find it useful too ^_^