[XP] Trying to turn Intelligence for something else...

Started by MerryCureSlime, April 24, 2021, 02:33:59 pm

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I had a little idea bulb and tried to open up a 'test' project. In it, I would use only the stats: HP, MP, STR (turned into Offense, and using it to calculate ALL damage, melee, ranged and spell-alike), DEX (turned into Defense), and Speed. That leaves out the Intelligence stat, which I could ditch, or try to incorporate it into another use...

...but I couldn't think of anything that I could use it for in the end.

Any of you has tried similar? What would you use this left-out stat for, under which flavor, with which mechanics, etc.?


It depends on what kind of game you're trying to make. If it was really simple, you could just have 2 stats: HP and ATK. You don't have to use everything that's available--only take what you need.

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Maybe you could use Intelligence too improve skill effects.
For example, states are applied with a greater percentage if you have a greater Intelligence


(maaaaaybe I should have titled the thread better... ah well)

@SolarisSpell Like VXA's Luck, huh? That's interesting.

Monster Super League's Recovery stat seems neat too (higher REC: gain more HP/SP from Orbs and other healing sources), assuming one doesn't already have an Augment Healing passive or similar on their game.


Actually, I don't know how VXAce works, but it was just an idea.

In my project I have a luck stat that affects almost anything (hit chance, evasion, drop rate, critical rate, status effects, etc...), but also use Intelligence as a way to make added effects more effective. Intelligence improves magical damage, but also, when a skill causes some kind of status effect, its base probability is depending of user Intelligence versus objective Constitution (and then, that probability is further modified by luck).

This allows to offer more options for your characters. Some will be stronger and will deal more damage, but will have a low chance of inflicting states, while other characters will offer the strategic option of dealing less damage in exchange of a higher chance of inflicting states.