Installing and Running RMXP in Linux

Started by Diokatsu, August 31, 2008, 06:28:46 pm

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RMXP Linux

Alrighty then. My first "tut" I'm making will be how to install RMXP on a Linux OS, Ubuntu in my case. I'll try and get a broad enough explaination so every Linux user can use this tut. I use Ubuntu so this is based off an Ubuntu Experience. This is quite simple in the long run. No need to do anything aside from the point and click method xD. The one part of this I'm concerned about would be installation. I'm not familiar with all the Linux distros but I'm sure Ubuntu isn't the only one with a nice program to load apps.

Wine's Homepage This is the homepage of the Wine software. It's a program for UNIX like enviorments to run Windows programs. Download it in any method you see fit, terminal, compile the source code...heck use the standard application adding tool if you feel like it.

Next, after all is installed and good is in the internet, go to your folder with your rmxp file that says "setup.exe". Try clicking it and it should open up the standard window. If you click the buttons however, it may not load them. Solution? Go into the Setup1 folder and look for your "RTP_Standard_102.msi". Right-click and go to permissions. Click the "Allow executing file as a program" clicky. Right-click again and open with the wWine program loader. The menu should come up now. Next, go to the folder marked Setup2 and do the same to the "RPGXP_102a.msi". This will install it.

Run it through Wine under your apps or go to the virtual C:\ drive through terminal by typing wine explorer and go into program files\Enterbrain. It shouldn't have a problem obtaining the trial number thing xD

Note: Do not try and click the standard toolbar thingy (Says File on it) Only use the icon based one. This is due to a problem in the Wine program which is trying to be fixed. I'll try and find a good solution but don't count on it. Also you must install the standard windows fonts like Arial to have texts. Scripts will run fine and all. To play games you must also load the .rxproj and play i that way. I haven't seen a normal game run but I'm guessing it will produce an error. I'll work out a way to fix that one with the commandline I hope so bare with me ;)

Tell me if this doesn't work for your particular Linux Distro and I'll find a suitible solution. Tell me if you still can't do this and I'll work it out for you.

PS: I'll clean this thread with some cool screenies later. I wanted to post this to see how many people actually cared xD

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Nice tutorial! I don't have Linux or anything, but it's a nice tutorial and I'd probably use this if I ever used Linux.
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Thanks! I posted this becasue alot of linux apps lack the pro support windows gets. Wine has a lot of buggles and most people who ran windows, like me, jump right on the .exe to get the nice GUI. I just wanted to post this in case some actually did use linux here and didn't dual boot windows


Ubuntu is a really nice OS. I tend to use it every now just for the heck of it and to change things up every now and then. Some small things in Ubuntu and other Linux Op Systems tend to just bug me a little(small things), most likely because I have used XP for so long its pretty different seeing the double bars and everything else but still Ubuntu is nice. Really good job with the tutorial though, easy to follow, broad so people with other distros should be able to follow it, and its short and simple to. Great job!


Ubuntu is a classy Linux Distro for sure but I'm still a windows XP user at heart. I just wish I could manage a command prompt in XP like I can use the command line in Ubuntu @_@


I think the screenshot beats the purpose of what they're supposed to function for...I mean, the text is all...distracting from the overall screenshot. Of course, they're both boring screenies in my opinion, and the text zazzes it up, but meh, they'll make good placeholders. :/

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Little update O.O;

Hopefully this wil be sorted soon. I'll be adding a nice tut on Windows emulation soon  and maybe I can show dual booting and all that jazz.


Man 0_0 I was wondering how u do this on linux, thanks! now i wont be afraid to use it n all  :^_^':

i havent tried this yet tho but i want to know the answer to this q: any differences between linux and windows rmxp besides those icons? like, the big difference, compat. errors somethin' like that u know? thanks


No, not that I can see. Although playing games is difficult. I'm working, I'm working! It's just a diffent way of playing them I presume. Wine has trouble getting the RGSS library to load, which I'm not to sure how to do....I'll try some cmd stuff xD


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while this may be Necroposting I do have relevant information to share.
I recently tried this and here are my results
Wine is great it runs RMXP with little to no problem.
however Wine 1.0 has imperfect networking implementation. as such RMXP will fail to get a trial key from the nTitles server. also running a game exe in 1.0 will be problematic, mainly graphical glitches like pixelation and no font support.
upgrading whine to the 1.3 beta however removes these problems. Rmxp will get it's key and the game.exe will run with no problems. I even tried Remexos and it worked perfectly (it even seemed to work better, faster load time and all) I did how ever notic a small glich with direct sound, sound effects seem to delay and if you press the arrows in the menu too fast they don't play at all.
as for the RMXP editer it dose seem to have a fee bugs in wine.
1) if you resize the window and it gets too big it will automatically close maximise button or normal.
2) upon load RMXP will frequently give the error "unable to initialise direct sound" and close, it dose this for the first three or four times to try to open a project file and then loads normally after that, strange I know)

all in all this is a great tut and Linux is awesome.

also I want to point out that almost all the errors / bugs i pointed out seem to be related to direct sound which I know is a bit iffy in wine.

good luck too all you Linux users out there!

EDIT: I changed the audio driver Whine uses to OSS and all the sound related problems went away.

I spoke too soon I changes the driver back to the default and enabled the desktop emulation and then ALL problems went away
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