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Started by GAX, January 07, 2008, 08:53:58 pm

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Heya, if anyone new's around here.  I'm GAX72, the crasy mod from the old forum (I know I used an "s", I wanted to, okay?)  See ya people around, and obey the rules around here...that and don't hassle the mods...


::Hugs anyone who's read this and gives them a plate of brownies, cookies, and assorted pie.   Also, gives anyone who wants it booze.::

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*hugs GAX hello*

Welcome welcome. It is nice having you around


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OMG LETS NOT! I like being Sober thank you.

hey i wonder what this does?

it looks interesting ne[/sub]ver seen it before



omg u give booz to a minor!! :O


Too bad I'm not 18 yet >.<
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too bad I have no supliers around... ::)