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Resource Link Thread

I'm sure you seen something similar to this in other forums, and it's about high time that Chaos-Project has a Resource Link Thread of its own. Here's a giant mega-load of resources for anyone to view.

Graphic Resources
   This Japanese site contains some of the most popular and epic battlers of the RTP's characters. If you had seen a detailed drawing of Arshes, Basil, or any default character, chances are they had come from Naramura. Not only there are drawings of our "favorite" RTP Characters, there are some custom battlers, many of them attached with a Character Set. Lastly, if you explore around, you can find miscellaneous RPG Maker resources, simply click on "Game" in the site's Navigation Bar.
The Naramura Project has been closed indefinitely. To download the resources, please refer to this link. (Thanks GAX!)
   Zanyzora is a small site containing a giant number of tilesets and other neglected resources. Many of the resources in Zanyzora are rips instead of original creations, but it's still all the more to check it out. The interface is extremely easy to go around, and there is a Forum too, at least to my knowledge.
   These two packs contain resources for RPG Maker XP. One of them calls itself an RTP, while the other is a pack of Tilesets. Strangely, it's still up. The RTP is around 23-25 MB while the Tilesets is approximately 8 MB.
   Mack is a Japanese Resource Creator that has been most famous for his template of the RTP Male and Female. He's a master of the Character Set Art, and there are lot of sets with intricate poses. He recently gone into RPG Maker VX, which you should check out as well if you're a VX Game Creator.
Mack's site seems to be down for good. However, he has relocated to another website called First Seed Material, which only focuses on VX resources.
Mack also has an online character generator for XP. Fortunately, that's still up, so please check that out too by clicking here!
   Although Eclipse is a free 2-D MMORPG maker, the database of "Tiles" for Eclipse is remarkably similar to RPG Maker XP's. In fact, a lot of the tiles for Eclipse derive from RPG Maker XP's default RTP, an act that is illegal, but let's ignore that fact. ;) All in all, a giant tiles database, and this should definitely help you if you're making a Zelda game.
   Mutation Genes Simulation, Technological Development Laboratory, a Japanese site containing resources for EVERY RPG Maker to date (Except for the ultra primitive 95). The images follow a Mechanical, Futuristic, Sci-Fi theme, so for anyone that is interested in creating a game within that theme, they are definitely in luck. There is a wide array of resources, and you can definitely use them for more than just the usual Battler, Picture, Windowskin, whatever. (Is down :( )
   Strawberry Quartz, a site containing some cute but serious resources, and containing a section for RPG Maker VX as well. The site contains a wide array of resources in many categories. There's even an RGSS one, for crying out loud. Overall, a site you should check out definitely, just make sure you know where to navigate (It's not as hard as other sites would be). ( Is down :( )
   HOT TOKE is THE Japanese site to check out a giant plethora of Battler images. From the threatening to the not-so-threatening, from the behemoths to the somewhat revealing women, Hot Toke is a site to definitely visit and faithfully wait for new monster images. Try downloading them all, individually! XD
It seems that HOT TOKE is down for good. However, an archive of all his battlers has been uploaded for download here.
   The Spriters' Resource is a haven for Video Game sprites. Updated every time with a battalion of new sprites, you can use them for fan-games, backgrounds for certain areas, maybe even battlers depending on the size of it. A great choice and highly recommendable if you haven't heard of it yet. Make sure to try and credit all the individual spriters however, and not just the site.
   Neo-RTP, the place where all our little RPG Maker buddies go to school; Japanese school clothes style! Meet Arshes in school clothes! This whole site is devoted to the Japanese High School enveloped into the RPG Maker XP universe. This has been used in various games successfully, chances are you can execute it correctly too.
   A Chinese site containing a lot of material that has the potential to be in a commercial game. Many of the art is beautiful, professional, and interesting. However, word to the wise, the site is very confusing to navigate, don't be surprised if you click on a link and all you get is this unwanted page. Search well, and you'll find a treasure trove.
   66rpg seems to be an extensive Chinese RPG Maker site. If one has the ability to read Chinese symbols and such, then they'd have an easy advantage, considering there is a giant amount of articles, guides, and the ability to easily navigate throughout pages. Some of the resources here don't seem to look like resources, but look around anyway, 1300 materials is not a bad number.
   Sithjester is pretty well known in some areas. You probably have seen a few resources made by her, and here's the site that contains everything. Personally none of the stuff is made for me, but for a modern RPG Sithjester has the perfect tiles and characters. An Asian flare is there too, but the site is fully English.
      Most of the resources here are simple recolors, however there is some that have use, such as the Ship, it can be used for a Vehicle Script. The multiple colors of houses can help someone in terms of a more colorful town, and the icons are somewhat impressive. Don't overlook on this site, for what little it offers. (Is down :( )
   Kamio's resources may be overlooked by other, more impressive sites, such as Hot Toke or Naramura. But the Chibis are really nice to check out, and some of these images are to die for. Take a visit every once in a while, use some of their resources. Kamio can make some nice Chibis.
   This link "supposedly" leads to a Character Sprite Creator. The Creator contains a lot of resources to make your person, all in nice flash (or php). However, please note that the bases have nudity. I think I remember finding this back on .org or Creation Asylum a long time ago, with people complaining that there were weiners and bubbies on their bases. :P
   A site to what I assume is French, it leads to a few links of albums containing the resource you requested. There's nothing particularly special, except some of the graphics are beautiful. Don't know if the author of the site made it or it is ripped.
   This RPG website sort of reminds me of RPG2kNet, what with its project reviews, resource database, and forum community. A bit on the low-activity side, the resource database here contains plenty of graphics from various RPG Maker engines. Enjoy!
   Gaming Ground Zero attempts to have their own resources and be a great RPG Maker community, it just never gets mentioned much. It seems this website has been a niche place for master spriters, so perhaps it's a good idea to take a gander here.
   RMN, this is one of the somewhat more familiar communities in the RPG Making world. Although the amount of resources is somewhat sparse, the theme is very sleek and nice, and you still might be able to find something of your liking. Anything helps after all.
   The Kaizer RTP is simply the default tileset fit to accommodate those Kaizer templates made by ShowKaizer. Popularized by the detail, many people were disgruntled at the fact the tilesets they had couldn't fit the Kaizer format. That's when these tilesets came along, they are resized to fit them. It's a Photobucket album brought to you by Zanyzora・。Great ripper.
   Bob and George is a spriting community devoted to fan-comics, MS Paint creations, and sprites themselves. Mainly revolved around the video game area than RPG Maker itself, you should use this site as a place to create a fangame, or maybe just to rip a few backgrounds. The Spriters' Resource and the ShyGuy Kingdom can obsolete this site, but remember this is a forum, an active forum too. No registration is required.
   Bite-Me Graphics really has nice game sprites, it really does. The interface of the site is really clean and there's a Terms of Condition you're welcome to follow... or not. :shifty: However, there are only Character Sets here, not bad ones though. Such a shame this site isn't updated recently.
   My first reaction to when Blizzard gave me this link was, ツァWhat the heck!? A Harvest Moon site!?ツィ I couldn't find any resources. The only thing I could have considered resources were the character art for the game, which were in the perfect size for battlers. Search around the site, you may find game images you can use for your RPG, especially if you make some strange Harvest Moon fangame of your own.
   GameSprites Archive is an alternative I like to use when it comes to collecting sprites. There are some interesting items here that no other spriting archive has, like animated gifs, individual sheets, renders, that sort of thing.
   RMRevolution's Graphic database is entirely user submitted. A lot of these resources are nice original creations, and you can use this as a definite source of icons, containing more than 100 icons. A great site, good stuff.
   Dr. Shnaps is a legendary spriter at best. He has ripped a gigantic motherload of games, and if the Spriters' Resource doesn't have a resource, Dr. Shnaps would have a good chance of having this missing resource. The site is easy to navigate and is reminiscent of the ShyGuy's Kingdom...speaking of that, shall we move on to...
   Fenrir's Sprite Domain contains a gargantuan amount of sprites from various games, a lot of them niche games. The amount ripped by this spriter may even surpass Dr. Shnaps', but that's a large statement for me to say. The site is very easy to look at, i.e. pleasing to the eye.
   The ShyGuy Kingdom's a great alternative to Spriters' Resource. The site hasn't been updated as much as it should be, but there are a lot of exclusive resources that the almighty Spriters' Resource may not have. Also, it can take up less bandwidth as ShyGuy's Kingdom doesn't use as much images as Spriters' Resource does.
   The Dollbits Face-Maker is simply the Japanese Face-Maker application integrated into a php interface. I don't know if it's better or not than the application, but you can always try this out if you can't find Face-Maker anywhere on the Internet.
   I don't understand why I would use this personally, but this nifty device creates your own Hero, aka the HeroMachine. Now, the relation to RPG Maker? You can use this to create battlers, you probably need to resize everything though. (Thanks nathmatt!)
   Mack's original RMXP resources may not be available anymore, but this character generator for RMXP character sets is. A lot of the interface is picture-based, so you don't need to know much Japanese to navigate through the generator. The left side is for male characters and the right side's for females. The categories are as described: Hair, Eyes, Top, Shoulders, Bottom, Background. Clicking on a color within the small style's section will give you that particular color of that style. (Thanks game_guy!)
   Remember when I said Mack has recently gone into creating VX materials? Well, it seems that he's entirely devoted into making them now. First Seed Material is a site dedicated to VX resources, and is currently thriving upon it with the release of VX Ace. Click on the Downloads section and then refer to the first three VX options (Tilesets, Characters, Facesets) to look at more. The fourth VX set gives examples of what the tilesets should look like ? perfect for any fledging mapper. Be sure to read the first page, the Rules, to understand how they can be used within your game (Open up your trusty Google Translator).

Audio Resources
   VGMusic is the largest and one of the oldest sites containing faithful creations and emulations of Video Games in a MIDI form. Nearly every Video Game Console has been covered, and the user submission is gigantic to say the least. You might find your favorite tune from a well-known game here, perfect to insert in RPG Maker. Just note that even though you're allowed to have these Video Game MIDIs in your game, a familiar tune may ward off some players (If used greatly). Nevertheless, a great site many should visit.
   Tired of the same default RPG Maker sound effects and longing for something new and original? FindSounds is a search engine to locate various sound effects at certain filters. It is a great site, if you can handle the quality of the sound effects. It also sounds untrustworthy, personally to me at least.
   Unfortunately, the MIDI Shrine easily became obsolete thanks to a better Video Game MIDI site, which I'm not mentioning the name, The best source here would be to gather the Anime MIDIs. Listen to them though!
   Some Japanese MIDI makers can create masterpieces. TAM-Music is a studio of MIDI composition, and if you're that musically inclined you might remember a few from some projects. TAM-Music is a great place to find some original pieces.
   Sakari-Infinity is a site devoted to game music and musicians everywhere, a surprising rare treat for RPG Makers everywhere. Flock here, enjoy the tea, and maybe some of these tunes can help you for your game in a large degree.
   I have used The Freesound project to find Arshes' death scream for Aqua's FOA Demo. The site is very clean to look around, just that there are two catches. In order to download their sound files, you need to register, and you need to know what you're searching for.
   Absolute Sound Effects claims to boast 1,980 high quality Sound Effects. It's a perfect retreat to where you want to use your own custom Sound Effects or you can't find a particular one. This site has pop-ups.
   A1 Free Sound Effects. Not only it is a blatant rip-off to A1 Steak Sauce (Or vice versa), this site contains a lot of Sound Effects you can use for your game as well. I don't know if this site is better than any of the ones previously mentioned, but this site I recall using when finding the Pow Hammer Sound Effect for the FOA Demo.
   Royalty Free Sound Effects has a giant database of your usual Sounds, from those human screams, moans, and whatever to animal sounds. I don't know how giant the sound archive is, but it seems to be free in this case, unlike their music, which costs around 90 dollars・。
   This is the king of "Tales of"   music downloads, especially works as a better alternative to Galbadia Hotel. This site features various music downloads from all the Tales games in existence, and a little more. I highly recommend you should check the site out, for RPG Making or not.
   Voice Acting Alliance, or the VA Alliance, is a well-known forum devoted to Voice Acting. The forum is mainly for game authors interested to have voice acting in their game, at least, that's the connection people make with RPG Maker on that perspective. Too scared? The great legacyblade has joined the forum and is a great user there; why not dive in yourself?
   Newgrounds is not only a giant Flash database with humor and hentai. There is also a giant music database, mostly songs to help people with Flash Animations, but those very songs can still be used in RPG Maker. ParagonX9, a popular artist in techno, flash, and Stepmania, is a contributor in Newgrounds Music exclusively, for example. Take a search, the Music Database has a wide variety of genres.
   You need to download Video Game OSTs, but you're disgruntled that Galbadia Hotel or FFShrine forums isn't being friendly and happy to you? Well, that's why Blue Laguna is here, a site with Video Game OSTs, particularly RPGs. Just credit the composers and maybe this site, and you'll be all cool. (Thanks Seox!)
   A public domain music site. Using these music won't violate any copyrights, as they are royalty free. Perhaps you can find some tracks of interest, ?varying from any genre. (Thanks game_guy!) ( Is down :( )
   8-Bit Collective is a great site for finding 8 bit style music. However, each song you find has different licenses then the other but most I've looked at uses Creative Commons. (Thanks winkio!)
   Where finding the right sound effect's difficult, the guys at HongKiat's scoured the net already to find some universal sound effects to use. These aren't just your slapstick Wilhelm Screams or anything; these can be used in any professional project. And there's 55 websites. It's like more fun than one. :V:
   You can convert your MIDI files to WAV and MP3 here. While the conversion/synthesize options are rather simple, the site offers several soundfonts for rendering which makes it great as you get a high variety of different sounding files if you want.
   This site has AMAZING pieces of free, royalty-free music made especially for games. There are two "genres": RPG-Fantasy and Suspense/Horror. Just click Download, choose your genre and start listening to awesome music. This Japanese site is exceptional because it's, in fact, mostly in English, so browsing the site is easy. All the songs are downloadable in mp3 format and some also in ogg format.
   The home page for royalty-free music has two distinctive banners that say "Pick up!!". Clicking the upper one directs you to a bunch of (obviously) horror-themed music (IMO the music there isn't anything special), while clicking the lower one directs you to a bunch of battle themes emanating of pure epicness. They're simply astonishing! Clicking the button next to "HOME" directs you to different categories for different types of music and sound effects. Do be wary though as this site is entirely in Japanese. The logos of the categories are in English (note that battle has been misspelled as buttle), so navigating there shouldn't be a problem.

Script Resources (Is down :( )
   Sandgolem, a somewhat famous neglected scripter. Sure, he hasn't reached the status of our great Blizzard or the "mighty" SephirothSpawn, but Sandgolem seems to hold a special place in some people's hearts. His blog contains a lot of interesting entries that will help you in the RPG Making world. It's very clean-cut, sleek, and definitely easy to read.

Mega Resource Sites is one of the most popular RPG Making sites to date, spanning more than 29,000 members. Surely with a quantity that high the site would have an expansive database full of resources, scripts, and other things that just make you go ga-ga. Fortunately, this is true. In fact, also has a Resource Link Thread, a massive database of Templates, and much more. Registration is not required.
Update: renamed itself to to accept other game creators and general game making.
   RPG-MAKER.FR is a French RPG Maker site. If you can navigate here, you'll see that they're involved with 2000, XP, and VX. To view their resources, click on "Ressources" on the right navigation bar and use the best of your ability to navigate. Hopefully you took French in school. :P is actually not a rip-off of .org, or any site of that matter, it's an RPG Maker community in German. There's a giant resource database of all the RPG Makers, but a lot of the resources are a hit-and-miss. Still, that doesn't mean you should refrain from this site; no, not at all, some of the graphics they have here are actually beautiful. Just know which ones are and aren't. The resources are made and submitted by users.
   Somehow, the Japanese help us with our resources to an immense amount. RPG MAKING EWP may not have much at first, but that's the page you clicked the link towards. Remember to check out the sidebar and see what interesting items appear there. The resources are meant for RPG Maker 2000 and 2003, but they can be used in XP, obviously.
   Charas-Project is a site mainly devoted to a php-powered character creator for RPG Maker 2000 and 2003. However, there is a Resource Database, again, submitted by users, that contain nougats of battlers, music, character sets and whatnot for various RPG Makers. Being that its user submitted, it may simply be a hit-and-miss, but try it out anyway. (Is down :( )
   Gamebaker is just an interesting site. Some of the resources you find here are original ideas that are ingenious. Gamebaker also contains a lot of the best icons from Enterbrain, for example, a 40 icon pack of a template. There are some great antiquities in there, and the scripting instructions are user-friendly. If you know Sandgolem, chances are you know this site too. (Thanks Jek!)
   Gamecraft is a resource site run by our very own Jek. There's a plethora of resources to check out here. What's best is that it's not limited to RPG Maker. Other game makers get their attention here as well, making this a great all-around site to go to. Click on the Resource Gallery to view image-related media for various game engines. For sounds, scripts, resource packages, and other miscellaneous items, check out the Downloads section and look at RPG Maker or RMXP Scripts.

Don't forget to credit the creator of the resource! Try and locate the author, and if you can't, credit the website you obtained it from. Always do your homework when it comes to collecting resources, and give credit where credit is due. :nod:

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Nice job! Great work Star! I can't believe you compiled all this!



Looks cool.
I know that you worked hard on this :)

One thing though.  Could you format this better?
Like... either add a hr between each segment or don't have an extra linebreak after a link.


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I may eradicate a break, having too many HRs will make the document look ugly overall. I can always use spoilers or maybe use a few font changes. Thanks for the comments however. I did work on hard on this, two days...two freakin' days.

EDIT: Did the break removal, looks a bit better. :up: I'm still thinking there should be something to make it look more visually appealing.

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I added horizontal rules between the links and fixed the mistake you made with (it's German, not Dutch). I actually expected half to one sentence per link, not an entire paragraph. o.o Great work! :D *double power up*
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Holy crap! I did not notice how much effort you put into this  :wacko:. Really nice, you should add all those youtube videos by Willow or w/e, or make a separate topic. :^_^':
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Holy fucking crap, Star! This is why you have my admiration and respect! If I could do it, I'd give you 10+ power! I proudly admit favouritism is involved there, nice work mate! *powers up*

QuoteThese two packs contain resources for RPG Maker XP. One of them calls itself an RTP, while the other is a pack of Tilesets. Strangely, it's still up. The RTP is around 23-25 MB while the Tilesets is approximately 8 MB.

That "RTP" is the graphics folder from RPG Advocate's game "Phylomortis" with the obviously game-specific stuff removed. Mostly other games' resources converted to RMXP format.
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December 13, 2008, 05:06:28 pm #7 Last Edit: December 13, 2008, 05:15:47 pm by Starrodkirby86
True, I should be grabbing more links...Blizzard just gave me a bunch of links for me to check up on and I added them here if they worked. Unfortunately some of the links are down (Which contained such great resources, like Naramura and Strawberry Quartz), but I am not removing them because the servers may be back up. I'm going to get some more links, I know a few that aren't on there...

@Fantasist: I see...Well, I didn't bother downloading it. :P Thank you for your correction.

EDIT: Updated. Site links that are down at the moment have a (Is Down :( ) to the side of them.

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Let me give you one more power up for the great work you've done here. ^_^
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I wish I had seen this earlier - this is awesome work, Starrodkirby! :D
I just had to power you up for this. :P


I got 2 char gens...1 for XP and 1 for VX

The other is in a resource request thread....

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Naramura's files have been found.
Updated 1st post with link and thanks to GAX xD


i dont think this has been added but Mack's online char maker

its not in english but sinple to use just screen shot and cut it to use
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I think GAX said that Naramura is up again.. I think he even shouted the link ._.


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I know this does seem like advertisement (which it is) but my site still has over 500 resources in it. Might as well add it to the list.

Also, you could pull afew off the list I made awhile back.


Nah, it's fine. You have a lot of resources so it's justified. SRK, put it in the first post. :3
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I was out trying to find some good sound effects for menus, and was stuck for a while, unitl I hit this site:

I've only been to the first couple of links, but they are of much higher quality than the first 5-10 sound links on the list.


This is Zanyzora's Half Kaizer RTP edits, pretty nice..and they fit fine..for any HK users.
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Found a resource site, however, its in chinese or japanese or something nese.