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Started by Starrodkirby86, September 11, 2008, 08:15:51 pm

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Wow , so many materials , thank you!


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Been a long time.

Updated some of this. Added links that were in subsequent posts, noted some of them that were down, and corrected and updated some descriptions.

In particular to note, Naramura Project's closed indefinitely, so the download link's your only source to getting their resources. HOT TOKE is also closed indefinitely, but there's a download link to all his 500-so battlers, so refer to that as well.

I will eventually give this a total renovation or something. This thing's turning to become a mess. I should have done it when I first created it.

EDIT: Done. Arranged in categories. Tralala.

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I added this link:
   You can convert your MIDI files to WAV and MP3 here. While the conversion/synthesize options are rather simple, the site offers several soundfonts for rendering which makes it great as you get a high variety of different sounding files if you want.
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I thought this was actually pretty cool, and dont see it linked in this thread...

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I know this is necroposting, but I've found these two sites that definitely need to be mentioned.
This site has AMAZING pieces of free, royalty-free music made especially for games. There are two "genres": RPG-Fantasy and Suspense/Horror. Just click Download, choose your genre and start listening to awesome music. This Japanese site is exceptional because it's, in fact, mostly in English, so browsing the site is easy. All the songs are downloadable in mp3 format and some also in ogg format.
The home page for royalty-free music has two distinctive banners that say "Pick up!!". Clicking the upper one directs you to a bunch of (obviously) horror-themed music (IMO the music there isn't anything special), while clicking the lower one directs you to a bunch of battle themes emanating of pure epicness. They're simply astonishing! Clicking the button next to "HOME" directs you to different categories for different types of music and sound effects. Do be wary though as this site is entirely in Japanese. The logos of the categories are in English (note that battle has been misspelled as buttle), so navigating there shouldn't be a problem.

Both sites are OK with using their songs for non-commercial purposes as long as you give them credit. Yes, I took the time to check them with Google translate to check that.

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It's not necroposting if you are contributing something useful, like these two awesome links.  I added them to the first post :)


New audio link, though not a new site. Good for sound effects and such, royalty free, free to use and distribute in projects, but not okay to distribute the files themselves, also not okay to direct link to the files. Mostly sound effects, but a few soundtracks as well. Small database but I give it a 4/5 for quality of files.
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