End of the World: Game

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Tia looked at Reiko, a look that said: No. and then walked off back to the hospital, knowing Reiko would follow.

Tia wondered if she could go feral when she wanted. use it, to say. in tough situations. they needed Blake. likely chance is he might start getting an infection thing, as well.

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It was a disappointing thing to hear. Her brother would have to wait but for how long? She continued to follow Tia. From the streets they were taking, it seemed as though they were heading back to the hospital. This was an opportunity to talk to Tia some more, it seemed. A chance to get to know her better. Perhaps she could regain Tia's trust. But the past few events were quite, gloomy. This was going to be a long walk to the hospital, or wherever they were headed too.

Quote from: Reiko SaysSo, Tia! Was there anyone you liked before you umm left society?

She was curious but it was an awkward question. Wait, why would she start a conversation with such an awkward question!

Quote from: Reiko SaysW-wait! Forget I asked such a stupid thing!


Quote from: Tiawell its not a touchy subject considering i had few friends and was too busy being bothered to get to know anyone enough to like them.

but the whole subject of before leaving society Was a touchy subject.

Quote from: TiaIm looking for Blake, if you must know, if we're going to find your brother, best thing is to find Blake first. Blake can shapeshift. so can Kai. Reiko, know this, I don't lie to you. I haven't lied to you about anythign concerning your brother. its all true, and he's dangerous. I'm not dangerous to you unless you become dangerous to me. even when I was Feral i felt a sort of kinship towards you.

yeah, a bitch worrying about her cub, which confused Tia, but there it was. even Feral she wasn't dangerous to Reiko  unless Koran held control.

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Kaishou slept in the car along with his little companion. He was dreaming but it wasn't something of his own dream but rather another person's dream.

He was in a glass container and he could only watch as 2 scientists, a man and a woman, conducting experiments in the room. Beside his container, there were 2 other glass containers. One was labelled Koren and the other was labelled John. However he couldn't see the beings in there b/c they were microscopic. The scientists continued their experiments, working endlessly. Whatever they were doing, it was important. The days passed by and a man dressed in a black suit came by. He seemed to be someone important. The sound was muffled in the container but he was able to figure out that the man in the suit wanted the 2 scientists to work faster. After refusing to work any faster, the male scientist was shot in the head. The female began to cry. More days passed, the woman was alone now. Her face showed her depression. A week had passed and the woman brought a little girl in the room. The girl was small, maybe only 6. The woman took the container with Koren inside and injected it into the girl. The girl passed out and I could only watch. Another week passed and now a boy came into the room.. The woman was about to inject the boy with the specimen known as John into him. However the man in the suit barged in, gun in hand.

Kaishou woke up. It was an odd dream. He was at niagara now. He would stay here for awhile. The young girl and him were safe here for the moment.

(Reiko PoV)

Reiko decided to talk more with Tia when she had a small pain in her chest. She looked at where the pain was coming from and realized there was a remnant of a wound there. It was made by a claw of some sort. Forced regeneration that Koren used took a toll on Reiko's body and she realized she was at her limit. She would collapse soon but instead Koren was enabling her to go beyond her body's limits. That would've been handy for a dangerous situation but it wasn't healthy. Her body would need a major downtime.

Koren travelled away from Reiko's brain. He created several infected cells in the brain area that he'd still be able to control her even if he wasn't at the brain. He moved towards the spine and attached himself to it.


Tia wondered jsut what about the psychological shift of mind between Tia and Feral Tia made her senses kick up.
the good news: Tia couldn't smell Kai anymore. nor could she smell Koren. that she only could do when Feral.

they stood outside the Hospital now. Tia hoped the boy had arrived back at the hospital by now. she didn't even know why he had left in the first place. Tia knew she'd have to be wary about Reiko from now on.  simple fact. no need to let her know that, though. yet. she'd have to tell her, and Blake, as well.

perhaps she should jsut kill Reiko and Kai, and perhaps Blake as well? Tia had managed to get along fine on her own for years. she could do it again.

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Quote from: Reiko SaysSo, Tia! How long are we planning on staying in this city? I remember you and Blake arguing about when we should leave.

Where was Blake? She thought nothing of it at first but now she began to get worried. Blake had run off before but he usually came back after awhile. It's been so long since he ran off this time however. She wasn't sure of her next move now. Would she search for Blake or attempt to pursue her brother or just follow Tia around? Either way she didn't want to be alone.


Tia didn't like it. Blake HAD been gone for too long.

Quote from: Tiawe're leaving now. I'll grab our stuff, find a car. you make a note to Blake. actually, you have a car here, don't you? I'll pack everythign into that. then we're driving out of here.

true to her word, Tia picked up the bags she'd gathered before, and began to carry them to the car Reiko had originally pulled into the hotel with.

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Reiko was confused but she complied with Tia's orders. She was able to refuel the car fortunately and she also began to help Tia with the packing. What was the next destination? Who was to lead? Tia had been leading for most of the time now, Reiko saw no fault in following Tia. Tia even knew where Kaishou was. That was enough reason for her to follow.

Quote from: Reiko SaysWhere are we headed to? And also, we're giving up on Blake, just like that?


Quote from: Tiano. I'm going to leave him, and Kai, clues to where we're going. include that in the note. he should be able to easily interpret them. only someone who isn't sane wouldn't be able to. so thats why its also for Kai. if he stays sane...

Tia sighed, and told Reiko to also include that Reiko knowes about Kai. and to NOT mention that Kai w=might also follow the clues, and to not mess with the clues in any way.

Tia had the bags packed. she clipped on two pistols, and tossed a rifle into the backseat.

Quote from: Tiaalright, now that that note's set, lets go.

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Quote from: ReikoOkay! Who drives?

Tia was older than her, for sure but how was she at driving a vehicle? Reiko herself wasn't great at driving, she was below the age for a license. Reiko looked at Tia, with a curious look on her face. Should she be scared if Tia drives? Perhaps but she had no way of knowing.

Quote from: ReikoYou can drive right? I'm sorry, I was just curious.


Tia hopped into the passenger seat.

Quote from: Tianope. been too longl you go where I tell you to, though, k?

if the clues were too be followed, Tia had to go to the right place. right now, Florida. but she wouldn't tell Reiko just yet. why, Tia didn't know. perhaps because the girl might desert her if she suspected Tia was going AWAY from Kai.

or possibly because Tia didn't want Koren relaying any information to Sarah. if that was possible. Tia had no clue.

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Reiko opened the door to the driver's seat and sat at the driver's seat. She fastened her seatbelt and glanced at Tia. She wished she could read minds, just so she'd know what Tia was thinking about.

Quote from: Reiko SaysOkay, I'll warn you now though, I'm not a very good driver.

She wondered how Tia would react. Thankfully her brother let her practice driving every now and then, so she wasn't that bad.

Reiko ignited the engine, and the car started running. Good, atleast it wasn't a completely terrible car. She adjusted the mirrors and made herself comfortable. Hopefully Tia had the destination planned along with all the proper rest stops. If they were going somewhere far, they'd need to fill up on gas at some point. But Tia was always prepared, she was a survivor, what would be the odds?

Quote from: Reiko SaysAlright, let's go!

She grinned as she put her foot on the pedal.


Reiko wasn't joking. twice before htrey left New York Tia felt like they should have crashed.

Thank the pack most of humanity's dead so they can't drive. flashed through Tia's mind.

Thank the pack?

She'd analyze that later.

they were moving. Tia glanced at the gas level. they had time until the first rest stop. Tia had had a map in herlittel hideaway from the civilized world of the U.S. best thing about being the only survivors: Gas is free.

not really. best thing is the surety of knowing those assholes were dead.

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Quote from: Reiko SaysSo, you going to tell me where we're going or are you just planning on giving me directions?

She wasn't sure where they were even headed. What was the destination? Was it towards Kai? Were they headed to somewhere that was important to Tia? She wasn't sure.

She continued driving, it was tough but she hadn't crashed yet. Thankfully no one else was driving otherwise she probably would've crashed. She drove in confidence though.


Quote from: TiaWe're going to Florida, since you asked. if Kai is safe he'll be there, eventually. or wherever we end up. Take a left. I'm just planning on finding a place easy to live, and not difficult to defend. figured you'd be more comfy living in sunny Florida. Things might get tough, and Florida has some big cities - we should be able to find plenty of weaponry. hopefully we can handle Koren, and learn whatever the disease did to you.

and hopefully Blake would resurface.

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Quote from: ReikoYou said that my brother's features were warped before. I don't get, if I have the same thing as him, why aren't my features screwed up? Are you even sure the disease did anything to me apart from my arm? This is really confusing.

Reiko couldn't find a connection. Maybe Tia was being paranoid? No, she was really troubled by it. Reiko would believe Tia still, despite not wanting to believe her brother was.. Different.


Quote from: Tiawhile I was feral, i smelled something IN you. I think whatever it is did something different to the two of you. but something similar. Kai's seemed to affect his mind. this one seems to affect your body. it took over your body before it had your mind. Kai's seems to be doing the opposite approach. and I think the warping might come with his transformation abilities. he's like Blake, he can morph. only he's got other stuff as well. I think he hallucinates your parents. Sarah, I believe you said, was abusive to you both, or him atleast, right? Sarah is the hostile one. seems your father's hallucination attempts to counteract your mothers'. Sarah actually took over Kai when I encountered him. gave me a run for my money, the bitch did, turning Kai into, I think it was a... half leopard? or a tiger. some half-wild-cat-half-human-thing. in imitaiton of me. Kai also has an amaznig ability to reconstruct his cells. It seems likely you do too.

Tia had run these thigns through her mind countless times. she was trying to figure out what was happening with brother and sister.

she looked to the side, and noticed that some trees looked as if they had been thrown at eachother. looked to the other side, and saw a gas station that had a similar appearance. it was destroyed.

Quote from: Tialets hope that the next gas station isn't destroyed.

Tia didn't understand it.

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Kaishou raided a small food store. Most of the canned foods were in good condition.  He looked at the young girl, whose name he never learned yet. He kneeled down and looked at her, he handed her some more food. He grinned as she ate and he began to eat as well. He hadn't been overtaken yet, it seemed.

Quote from: KaishouSo, you got a name?

Quote from: Young GirlYeah, my name is Leah.

Leah, it was a nice name. It was his mother's name. It was an interesting coincidence. He patted her head and kept grinning. If he couldn't protect Reiko, he'd protect Leah. No, he still had to deal with Sarah. That was his priority but how would he engage such a foe?

(Reiko PoV)

Reiko kept driving. The gas station they passed through was destroyed, nature was still quite powerful. Sarah, her abusive mother. It was a memory she remembered quite well, a memory with scars. She remembered how her dad had died first. A man in a black suit came by the house that night. He had told them that John, their father, had passed away from a heart attack. They weren't allowed to see the corpse because they had cremated him. It left Kaishou, her and their Mom, Sarah. Their mom was never the same and was always drunk. She beat both of them, and they became really close to each other. Her mom one day even brought her to a secluded room and injected her with a syringe. When Kaishou and their mom, Sarah went out one day, the man in black returned again. It was the most terrifying moment in her life. Had Kaishou and her mom died? No, it was only Sarah who had passed away. She died from alcohol poisoning, the man told them.

Quote from: ReikoWhat...? My mom wasn't a person who'd love leopards. She loved microscopic things. She was a bit of a scientist, I never understood why she was working at a factory in an assembly line. She was really smart. And yes, my mom was abusive to us both but she wasn't always abusive. When our dad died, she became really different.

She continued to drive, trying to focus. She wasn't a really skilled driver.