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This is where the stuff happens, but remember, battles happen in the Battle Thread, and I'll judge them, then you two can make it in your own words here, in one post, so that its fair and stuff and no changing it.

well... Ima still need to make me own dude i think. so I'll do that sometime when i feel i need it.



There's a rustling in the grass. No one at the moment knows who this person or creature is, friend or foe. After a few seconds of consecutive rustles, the object finally comes out. And it turns out to be Kipp. The almighty Mudkip, Kip, comes out. Shaking his fur around (For lack of a better term), Kipp runs off and begins to frolic a bit around a plain. You can see the big smile off of Kipp's face.

"I SAAAAAVOUR LIFE!" screamed the Mudkip in giant enthusiasm. Birds from around got scared and flew away frantically.

But then there was another rustle in the grass. Kipp looked and became alert.

"You're not ripping off my introduction, whoever you are." smirked Kipp.

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*Kirema walks*

"Oh goodness, where am I?"
Kirema looked around and saw only desert. No life was present here, he could tell. His tongue wandered instinctively to the outer side of his mouth. He licked his lips almost just to entertain himself.
"Maybe I should look for a town and a place to rest.."

Kirema looks around, and,  spotting a town, heads off.

"Shouln't be too much trouble, eh?"


Vyazar - me, I suppose - walked around a town. well, I suppose I didn't walk around it, the vision of my possible existence walked around it.

his sword would seem to float around, held by nothingness, to the people around.

if there were people around me.

the town he was in was perfectly empty... well, the road he was on was.

I stabbed the sword into the ground, and it formed into a spear instead.


Dikura's PoV:

Sakura, my new companion, and I left that town full of perverts and went along the road to the next town.  As the road was surrounded by a forest, there were many woodland creatures and spirits that came out to interact with the two of us.  I met many nymphs, many of whom come from pine trees.  I learned that  Sakura and I have a common interest:  the adoration of bunnies.  Those little things are just so cute! 

Anyway...  if this journey is to be successful, I'm gonna have to know what this girl is capable of.

"Hey!  Let's spar," I declared.  "We need to know what each other is capable of."

"That makes sense," she replied.  "But... I have never fought before; it is against my nature."

A world without fighting... seems nice... 

"Well, you're gonna have to start.  Unless you want your friends injured because you couldn't protect them."  This was a nice provoking technique, I thought.  Nymphs are very selfless.  Sakura started to bite her lip, a sign that she was thinking hard about this.

"Oh alright.  I'll try my best."


Vyazar sensed a fight starting... an important fight, beginning... somewhere.

suddenly, I felt myself being dragged out of my location.

Fallen Angel X

Klara was sitting down, having a nice cup of green tea when her stomach began to grumble. She knew she had to feed soon and just her luck.. A traveller was passing by. "Showtime" She said as she began to leave her house. She approached the traveller as though she were crippled. "Please, sir. My grandson was wandering around a cave near the woods and he hasn't returned. Would you help an old lady check up on her grandson?" Klara said with a sad and tired tone. The traveller thought for a moment and decided he would help her. Klara brought the traveller to an isolated cave in the woods where she thought would be perfect for her to feast. "Can you help me into the cave, young man?" she said to the traveller. And together they went into the cave. "What is your grandson's name, Madam?" The traveller asked. Klara replied "It does not matter.." Her hair began to change into the form of snakes...


Klara left the cave with a bag of bones in her hand. She rubbed her stomach in content. She wondered how long the townspeople would take to realize that she had been terrorizing them. But it was of no concern to her for she would be ready for whatever they threw at her.

She headed back towards her home and stashed the bones for later use.


The rustling stopped. Kipp sighed in relief. "Whew," he grunted, "Must have been the wind."

So Kipp moved along and checked out around the area. He then noticed a cave. A granite cave. He went inside to take a look at what's up.

"How exciting..." said Kipp. He jumped a bit in excitement.

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Kirema softly stroked his chin, in effort to look a bit older. He never was much a hairy man and, in light of this, he constantly tried to achieve a rugged loo, but to no avail. Kirema looked onwards and his eyes hungrilly gazed the around the room. As his eyes drifted, finding no one of any particular interest,  he stole his way outside through the masses of newly arrived mercenaries sent to defend the town. It would seem that no one scarcely looked at him, being as he was man of no outstanding characteristics. He looked lazily onward yet again, his eyes never finding any palce to rest, but, rather, gaxing across the sky, zenith to horizon in a sweeping arc, laying them rest on a youth of about 7. She was gorgeous, even in those early years. she had the making of someone who was to become the lover of many men, and yet find no satisfaction in the matter whatsoever. The chance to gaze at such drawling beautity was one which no man would pass up lest he give up his own manhood in pursuit of such finer things. Kirema knew her heart from that moment; She was to think of men to be disappointingly petty, and yet somewhat of her plaything. she might even take her grasp as a woman and twist the hearts of those suitor in an effort to control them. The culmination, however, would not be in such brutish form but a soft tender passion for one man and one man alone. Her eyes told all this to Kirema and he approached her as to inquire her lineage, of what fine tree did this blossom stem from. He approached but the visage of his perfect child had soon dissipated from his vision and across the plain he saw her back, not in those robes of glorious mountain dew, covered in the most fine thread to ever caress a body, but the tattered rags of some begger outside of a capital, lacking home or comfort. And he saw not in her eyes, if only for a moment, but a defining moment, the flames of some begotten beast that had been so cast from it's place in life. Shapeless she seemed and for discovering this reason he pursued her.

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leggx is content on sleeping for a while thought later today he just might go hunting.......

Leggx awakens thoruhly rested...he is hungry...and so seek out some food...he finds an elephant(these make good bite sized snacks acording to Leggx) eats it...comes across a lake...take sa Small...i repete SMALL sip (no drinking lakes for this guy) and is looking for a castle to fill his hunger....."um ssome one tell me if they see one some where...plz"....

i think hes found one...Leggx tunnels under gorund to better hear of the kind of people who live here (he hates knights..."them and their shiy pointy stuff") knights here...hmmmmmmm....might be a nice meal.........
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Aveyar's POV

I stepped out into the cold night air. I'd always liked the nightime. It was when I was alone, and safe. The darkness seemed to wrap me in a cold protecting embrace. I always felt safe here, in the dark. I drew my dagger. I'd been given another mission. Reports of travelers disspearing had been coming in. Even a few accounts of a monster eating people. So, I had been hired. Faeleens were especially valued as mercenaries. Our bodies were that of natural predators, almost as if we were designed for it.

No matter. I don't believe the mythology of my people. Why would magic function completely different for people of this continent than for those of another across the sea? More likely, Faeleens just don't generate mana like most sentient beings. There are animals that don't generate it, so why not us? But then again...spells work differently for them too.

I've wondered these very questions time after time. But no, the mythology cannot be right. They were just superstitions passed down by those unable to accept the lot of a Faeleen's life. We are meant to be hated. It is our place in this world. We can only make due with what we're given. And that's what I do.

My spine shivered. I felt an Echo. Echos felt like a ripple shooting through my soul, as if something inside my was screaming in terror. I've never been sure quite what they are, but I've learned, by experience, to be wary on the rare occasions I feel them. I'd saved up plenty of Magic from my last job, so I had enough to spare. I used Impact to hover slightly above the ground. True, I had enough Magic to use Illusion to become invisible for a few minutes, but I'd need to use Magic in the coming battle.

As I hovered along the surface of the ground, trying hard to blend into the night, I looked for any sign of a monster or bandit. I checked my belt. I still had a sack filled with tiny glass shards for the upcoming battle, as well as sharp metal triangles. I could easily use Impact to hurl them at my enemy. Or create a cyclone of sharp objects if I was outnumbered. I also carried a few extra daggers as well as a short sword. Suddenly I felt another Echo, this time even stronger. It nearly made me hurl. Never before had I felt one so strong, especially not so close to another Echo...what was causing this.

I heard a scream, and shot towards it. I stopped hovering, and sprinted, trying to move as quietly as possible. I saw a strange creature, with snakes instead of hair. She was holding a small pouch in her hand. As she stepped out into the moonlight, the snakes writhed, splitting into multiple pieces, then slowly rippling down into hair.

I stared horrified. This must be the creature that was spoken of. I ran towards her, and drew my dagger. "Nothing personal, but I'm here to kill you."

end of Aveyar's POV---

Bum Bum BUUUUM cliffhanger, XD

@FAX, try to come up with something to do other than fight me. and if we fight, I hope we spare the other. Because I'm interested in what becomes of both our chars, XD I just wanted some character interaction, this was the only thing I could think of, XD

Fallen Angel X

Klara looked at the figure before her. It was a man whom clearly had the intention to kill but he had not made his move yet. "Perhaps he could be persuaded" She thought. She knew her combat capabilities were weak when it came to 1 on 1 confrontations and wanted to avoid it at all costs. She was still quite full from the previous traveller as well. It seemed best to try and convince him to just be on his way or perhaps... Yes that might do. She would convince him to stay at her home to fatten him up for tomorrow when she will eat this man. However, she thought "What if he doesn't fall for my trap." She considered how she had the home field advantage. But first, we shall see if he is foolish enough to fall for my act.

She placed her pouch on her belt making sure it was concealed and began to speak. "I'm sorry young man but I'm just an old lady, I see no reason for you to kill me at all." The man explained that he saw her hair as snakes and she replied "The lighting in this forest is mysterious. It can make you think you've seen things that are quite unreal. She explained to him that the screams from earlier were from a traveller that was attacked by the monster in these parts that had been eating people for the past month. "The monster is dreadfully powerful, it'd be best for us to run while we can. Actually, if you want, you could stay at my house for the night. I have several charms and wards that are said to ward away monsters. We would be safe there until the monster leaves." She awaited a reaction and prepared herself mentally for a fight just in case.


Leggx isnt hungry any more and he decides to change his diet to also include rocks(as untasty as that may sound to the rest of you it actually quite good)...Leggx tunnels aimlesly for a while and pops his head out in a forest...there standing are a man and a woman...somthing tells Leggx to leave but hes curios...there looks to be a fight soon.....leggx uses harden to keep himself out of danger....just in case.
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Aveyar's POV

It began to rain slightly. I cursed quietly. If she really was just an old lady, what would be the harm in staying? But then I felt another Echo. There was no doubt in my mind that in some way, this woman was dangerous...but what do I care if a few humans are killed? We're all on our own to survive. If they are too weak to fight back, that's their problem. After all, none of them tried to help me.

I chuckled darkly. "I highly doubt it was the light." I turned around and began to walk away. "But we're not so different, you and I."

After all, how would my employer know if it was a monster, or a crazy shapeshifting lady? After all, there were plenty of monsters in the region. I'd just have to kill one of them and bring its head to my employer. I ran deeper into the wild, not trying to conceal myself. After all, to animals, a single Faeleen isn't exactly an imposing sight. A large beast came out, and growled at me. I looked at his skin. It was obviously too hard for the glass to penetrate. Even the creatures bloodshot eyes had some sort of substance coating them.

Good, I could use a challenge.

I drew my dagger, and opened the pouch with the sharp metal shards. (not sure if the following should be moved to the battle thread, after all, this is just me fighting a random monster)

The monster charged, and I jumped to the side, thrusting the talons on my arm towards it. It turned quickly, and clawed my arm with its chicken-like talons. By light and darkness, that thing is fast. I jumped back, tossing a few sharp metal shards into the air, and hurled them towards the monster with Impact. The shards struck, embedding themselves into the monsters thick skin. It roared in pain, and leapt towards me.

I braced myself, and blocked the head on charge with my skeletal wings, keeping myself from flying back by using Impact magic. I thrust my dagger between the bones of my wings, and stabbed the creature in the eye. it jerked back, wrenching my dagger from my hand. It turned to run. The thing was heavy. It would take all my Magic just to trip the thing. But funds were low, and this monster could convincingly kill many travelers. So I thrust out my hand, and used all the magical energy I had left. Its feet were knocked out from under it, and I sprinted forward, jumping on the creatures back. I began stabbing it repeatedly in the eye with a dagger. It bellowed, and leapt into the air. I held on, not wanting to release my prey. But it turned in the air, and slammed me into the ground. I cried out in pain, and it felt as if I was going to hurl. By Melbyreth, the thing was heavy.

I tried to push myself up, but it pressed me against hte ground with its foot. The talon cut into my skin as the monster began to crush me. I could hardly breath. Red lights flashed before my eyes, and I knew my ribs would crack soon. My tail was pinned beneath me, I couldn't even use that as a last resort.

end of Aveyar's POV--

Bum Bum BUUUM, stay tuned till next post. (If any characters are in the area, they can help out)


The guy leaves he seems cooler that the leggx follows him............sudenly he is attacked...hmmm...leggx doesn't wana fight but......and he looks like he is doing fine...but his attacker...oh that thing bould make a nice light breakfast for tommarow..."hmmm i hope the man can duck" leggx  tunnels underground and comeout on the other side of the battle now the man is pinned....i know...leggx activates counterspin,firetail,and black water breath simultaniously fo activate the combo skill firespin....................after charing the beast to a decently done state leggx and his new breakfast exit the scene (dont want to be hunted...)
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battle thread is used only when two players fight eachother.


Aveyar's POV

I stood up, ash covering my clothing. Some strange creature had decided to kill the monster crushing me. What in the world was that about? That thing came out of strange. Well, I was empty handed. I needed a monster that could convincingly have been raiding travelers. But I'm out of Magic. There was a rabbit hopping nearby. I pounced on it, driving the tip of my tail into its flesh. It's lifeforce began to enter me, giving me more Magic. However, the lifeforce in the rabbit was hardly enough Magic to spray some of my glass dust. I began to stalk through the forest, killing small animals by draining their life force to fuel my Magic.

The sun began to rise, it had taken me a long time to get this much magic. If I was careful, I might be able to defeat a monster in a fight with the amount I have. It'll be easier to kill one when its asleep in its den. I walked along, pinning down small animals, and absorbing their lifeforce with my tail. I found a small cave. Small bones, and signs of blood littered the ground outside. A monster would definitely be inside.


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Leggx pov (tis seems like an easeir way to tell this)
after I left I noticed that it was close to morning it might get bad for me if im seen because most people don't think a guy of my size can be human diet doesn't help my case...I found a cave granteded a small cave but a cave none the would be easier if I staed here for a while at least untill I could retrace my track back to my first would seem I was safe so I buryed the lower 2/3 of my body in the ground and layed down to sleep...........then I heard a sound...the guy was back...I think hes here to kill me...I dont wanna fight but I may not have a choice or maybe...*the skill compress is used*...hmm now to convince him  that I'm not a monster....time to speak..."good sir...if a may implore of you do not enter here...there is a man who is deathly ill and scik witha most contagious desiese...for your own safety do not enter"...there now thx to compress i am small enought that my voice doesn'tsound like a monster's...I should be safe...though...I he really here to kill me...maybe I interfered in th wrong matter.........I cannot cahang the past...later, if I survive ths day, I shall speak with claer any misunderstanding...prehaps I should stop eating humans...this I shal have to consider more

end POV

(can we not fight...i dont wanna fight)
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(lol, sure. I'm low on Magic, so you would whoop my butt)

Aveyar's POV

What is it with caves being filled with old people? I glanced down at the bones. Must be some psychotic madman by the looks of things. Without a word, I turned around, and began to walk away. Maybe I can find a cave nearby that holds a monster rather than a sadistic madman.


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Leggx pov:

The guy leaves but is still wait a while before trying to return to my tunnels......ah an approprate time has I return to my tunnel I am spotted by a stray passerby...who on sight runs off screaming " me for i am pirsued by a demon"...or somthing to that he will bring back people...or at least a knight...hmmmmmmmmm I may eat well this morning with out including rocks i my diet........I am content to sit(well coil in my case) and wait on whatever should arrive....though...I hope compress hasen't worn of yet because if so I migh be facing another army......hmmm this clearing is particularly nice...I wish I had friends to help me here......while I wait i might as well work on learning some rock crafting....this may become useful in the future.......

:end pov
scoace13, Eventman anybody seen any good movies recently <br />...whys is this here..........random fate...same reason im here...