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Fallen Angel X

Klara returned home quickly and put the pouch of bones on the table. She thought about the strange nan in the woods who threatened to kill her. She figured it would be best to find a way to alleviate attention from her to something else while she fed on her victims. She thought for awhile and recalled a book on necromancy that one of her victims had dropped. Her mind suddenly filled with an idea. She ran towards her closet filled with belongings owned by those she's killed. She scavenged around and after about 10 minutes of searching she found it. It was a dusty old book with a skull on the front. She wondered why someone would carry a thing like this but dismissed the thought due to the fact that it wasn't important. She searched the book for a specific spell... She found it "Animating Skeletons". She spoke the incantation and followed it's steps using the bones of a victim. In a blinding flash a skeleton appeared. She inspected it, observing it for any faults, she commanded it with several simple commands, and lastly she checked it's durability. It was extremely fragile, it collapsed after a single tap. It would seem as though they would have to be mass produced for her plan to work. It was clear she was going to need to practice and it was obvious it was going to take time for her to be able to execute her devious and cunning plan. The townspeople won't know what will hit them...


Leggx pov:
its been a while....a long while... if I hadn't slept so much then I may have actually learned some rock crefting then all I'd need would be people to selling my artwork to(yeah like every one'd flock to me to by art)...I'm going to go home...*the skill tunnel is used*....ah the warm, earth so free from the strife of the upper ground...*skill tunnel wears off*...ah where am I...oh ...a waterfall, I'm not much of a water person but this seem to be a decent place...I think I'll stay here for a while...maybe I'll meet some one new today.

end pov

(anyone intrested in becoeing friends w/ leggx...he really nice...and lonley he dosn't know anyone...makes the world knida scary...know what i mean.....besides who wouldn't want to have leggx on thier side in a fight......... ;) )
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Fallen Angel X

Time passed. Klara had completed inspected her skeleton minion. It seemed that her maximum minions are 3. It requires a great deal of concentration to make them do more complex actions such as fighting. Their bodies were extremely sensitive and would easily collapse upon a simple tap. She recalled in her past several necromancers who could summon formiddable armies of skeletons and other beasts. It would seem that she would need to practice with her necromancy to make atleast 1 formiddable skeleton. She figured combat practice would be best for them, it would improve her co-ordination with her minions as well as attempt to make them more tough. She began to practice with the skeletons...


Kirema's footsteps echoed off the walls of the mountain pass, and his body formed the most perculiar shadows by the fading light from the sun, setting on that day and to rise again tomorrow. He wondered whether it be better to stake his claim in his journey already wandered, take camp and remain here for the night, or move further upon his journey. His chief motive became apparent and lay down to rest in light of apparent conflict the next morning. He found himself almost asleep and then began to wonder if he might gain something from this. This white knight business was running him dry....


leggx pov.......

well i havent met anyone yet but i cant believe i was here for so long........the water's already starting to make me crack.....that needs fixing....i guess ill make a home here but i gotta do somthing about my body if this water keeps up then i may not be able to hunt.........hmmmmmmmmmm......Idea......

end pov

(come on someone atlest say hi to me)
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Fallen Angel X

Klara was thirsty, it wasn't easy training to make a single decent skeleton. Some people just have the natural aptitude for it. It seemed all her sources of water have dried up. "What a pain this will be." She grabbed 2 buckets and headed out. It seemed her training would have to be postponed until she restocked. She headed towards a waterfall she knew of. It was a source of water that villagers never really headed to, monsters and such scared them from heading to far out of town. And if there were no villagers, there'd be no problems for her to deal with. She neared the waterfall when her eyes saw a hulking mass near the water. A monster showed up at one of her few water sources, great. Well, she didn't want to fight so she just approached and gave the.. Giant worm a friendly hello. "Hello. Name's Klara. Just here to get some water."


leggx pov:

well....i finally met some one...she seems nice enought...well she didn't runn screaming like everyone else...she said i sadi hi back...she was only there for water but maybe..with her help i could find a way to be accepted by i said...."HI...I'm Leggx I'm looking for a way to interact with that they won't try to kill seem like a nice person...can you make them see that im not evil...please"

end pov
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Fallen Angel X

"I'm terribly sorry but I'm an outcast and if you're seen with me it'd be trouble for the both of us. I'm Klara by the way. I'm not quite used to speaking with your species but it's good we can both speak a language we can understand." Klara filled her bucket up with water. She looked at leggx. "So naive" She thought. She knew she could easily manipulate him but minions, even with a small shred of intelligence, were annoyances. And he wouldn't be easy to deal with. She decided it would be best to just stay aquaintances but perhaps if they met again she'd have reason to take advantage of him. She filled her second bucket of water. "Well, it was nice meeting you, here's a tip if you want to get on the humans' good side, don't eat them."

She began heading home, she already drank some water at the waterfall so she wasn't thirsty anymore. She noted the irony in her advice to leggx since she herself ate humans.


Belior Castle

the King Relaran was speaking to a captain. "it is disturbing news." the king seemed as if he was talking about something trivial.

the captain was scowling. "my Lord King Relaran, three monsters, three Sentient monsters, possibly working together, preying on a village in our kingdom, My Lord! we must dispatch forces to take care of them.

the king sighed; bored; he could have been talking to a peasant complain about his mother being sick with some curable disease or another.


leggx pov:

well that was a dud..... i guess ill wonder around here for a while maybe ill find someone who can help.............after travelling for a while i met this old man..........he insisted that i walk him back to his house....once there he said that he knew the awnser to my problem........this could be intresting............
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Melz's Inn in the village near Leggx's and the rest's positions.

Melz was certainly a bothersome individual.

Femerin was a captain, and his soldiers needed a place to rest. when they got there. some of the mages contacted the man in his head, and he refused to let them stay.

thing was: his was the only inn in that backwater town with enough rooms to hold his people. it was a huge inn, as big as some in the capital city.


Kirema awoke in a sweat to find the same girl he was seeking standing over him. Kirema's breath left him as she stared into his eyes, boring a hole into his mind as if searching for something.

Quote from: ??? GirlYou...What's your name....

Kirema remained silent, his throat dry and his mind blank. His thought returned to him after about a minute or so, the girl still staring as if she wasn't even alive.

Quote from: KiremaKirema...My name is Kirema....And who are you?

[quote??? Girl]It doesn't matter who I am...I long ago lost all sense of identity...You should go though...I feel as if there are other things in store for you. If you keep down this path, you will find yourself dead. No man can face what lies ahead, not alone...[/quote]

Kirema stood silent for a moment and then asked:

Quote from: KiremaWhy are you even talking to me? do I know you?

The girl smiled quietly and left the tent, he coat swishing in the cold dark wind of the night. Kirema stared vacantly outward at the spot where his visitor had just went out of.


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Leggx POV:

The old man tells me he can make a clone of me one that can pass as a human and so i agreed to his request, one village for a clone. I think this shall be fairly easy.

(out side the village)
*yawn* Well its sure small enought. And all I have to do is destroy one building...but where is it....Where is this house of Judges he speaks of? Guess the whole thing has to go...hmmm I think gravity flip will do the trick *the skill gravity flip is activated* Well! Still a few buildings left *the skill  counter spin is used*. Wow, floating is fun.*the skill grvity flip wears off*|* the skill tunnel is used* .Ah look at that no buildings left.
Quote"See there old man not a building left standing. Can I get my clone now?"

Hmmm, I have to come back here there should be a nice selection of food available. *skills tail fire and black water breath are used*. And now they're nicely cooked.

(back in the forest)
the old man says go to sleep I guess it couldn't hurt...
end pov

Cora's POV:

I remember...light and then T felt pain, it felt new like nothing else but everything and then sudenly the light resolved and i was standing in a forest...there before me was a Baruka Wurm[wait how did i know this...why do i know some things and not others...what is wrong with me]...then i heard his voice [his? am I sure?] he said "hi, your my clone and...not my clone. So I wanted to say hi" he seems very young and niavie. I looked around at the world around me. And there I saw a man lying slain on the ground he looked as if he had been burned badly. then and old man walked up to Leggx[and now it seems that I know even his name] then he pocedded to say "My name is Leggx and you are Cora...because my father's name was such. And now we shall fight for the shaman says you are powerful and I wish to see for myself"(not sure if the following belongs in battle thread or not) then he lunged himself at me quickly with out thinking i called the spirit of rock as a shield and the spirit of wings for flight (enhancement=2.0) he hit the shield and was deflected then I called the spirit of rock a second time this time as a mass of rock to be hurled at my opponent as i threw it he shrunk [not good for you I thought] but the rock hit him and split apart the he reversed the gravity and we flew high into the shy then he started spining faster and faster creating a vortex that began sucking me in and my wing spirit was over the end i had no other options but to die and then he stopped and rereverse the gravity he said "that was a good're fast and think quick you'll do well on your own. but you should be able to call me if you aren't able to fight." he then dived under the ground and reversed gravity once again i swa him arise in a chunk of stone thta had been brought up and then he exploded. He said then" find one of my spines and use it as a weapon...I'll grow back so donot hesitate.i quickly found the largest spine I could itwas huge i could barly lift it with both hands but it would have made a nice sword. I guess since he said he's coming back I'll wait for him though that explosion was very large it might take a while maybe i can learn to master my new skills.
end POV

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k scoace. make your RP easier to... understand.


Aveyar's POV (sorry guys, switching to 3rd person, it's easier to write)

Aveyar stood on the top of a hill, the wind playing with his loose clothing. Sometimes he wondered what the point of it all is. Why was he here? What god's whim had condemned him to be born a monster? If he'd been a noble, or even a human peasant, he would have been able to make more of his life than a simple mercenary. He held the head of a weak but fearsome looking monster in his hand. He'd found a plausible excuse for the raiding of travelers on the surrounding area.

He was condemned to oppression and obscurity. Even his name, Aveyar, had caused him trouble. After all, Aveyar, according to legend, had been an angel that delivered the world from demons. And since people considered Faeleens demons, his human foster parents had had a hard time when people found out they had given him the name of Aveyar.

But now all of that was gone. Life would continue as it is now. Kill to survive. If you start wondering why you have to, you will be killed. But still...maybe there could be a world where he was free to be more than a mercenary. Maybe he could do something to make the world respect him. If he fled to the Faeleen kingdom of Norampax, he'd still be abandoned to obscurity. He had to forge his own his own kingdom. But who would follow a Faeleen? Only the most desperate would even hire him.

His thoughts flashed back to the "old lady" he supposed to be the monster that had been attacking the town. Maybe...just maybe. Perhaps they could change things, become more than mercenaries and outcasts. Aveyar dropped the head he was holding, and began to walk back towards the cave he had found the supposed monster in. As he neared her cave, he felt an overwhelmingly powerful Echo.

"Overcome your fear, coward." Aveyar gritted his teeth, and walked into the cave.


A few days have past. rumors spread out, and even Aveyar, the Faeleen, has heard of the soldiers in the nearby town that the monster was harrassing. and Leegx and his clone Cora know of this as well. neither of them know the meaning of the soldiers' visit, but there are talks of several monsters running loose and teaming up among the villagers.

"I saw one meself, just walked out of that house there." one woman was saying to a soldier.

the following day, without a trial, the people living in that house were hung for assisting monsters.

Melz's Inn.

"Melz, bring me wine." the captain was saying to the innkeeper, who, surprisingly, wasn't as fat as most are, nor as skinny as the rest seem to be. somewhere inbetween somehow.

Melz began to ask a maid to bring the nice captain some of the inn's best wine, but he captain ordered Melz himself to get it.

he did. with a grunt, but he did.

you just don't disobey a captain of the king's army.


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Cora's POV:
well it hasn't been long but it looks like Leggx really can regenarate himself. *yawn* *Cora sleeps*. *yawn* "hey...wake up you need to eat." a voice says. Suddenly a cow is dropped on me. *groan* "dropping things like that on me isn't a way to wake me fact a little farther north with that and you could have put me to sleep...permanatly" I said. "besides i can't eat all of this anyways"I continued but then he said" i was hoping not because thats my snack and not for you you will have to forge for your own food though ill help you this one time ill show you to a village where you can have whatever food you want...Follow me"

(the burned village from my last post)
hmmmm, there's so much destroyed not a single person is left alive. They're all dead. Every thing. Dead. Why? What did this? "Eat Cora, the knights will be here soon, and its best if I'm not present then" said Leggx. As I walk through the village I see a large horse big enough to even carry me. and i see several half smashed houses sitting on their side, when I entered one I saw a large portion of pork cooking over a fire it was weird it was just there untouched there wasn't even a shred of dust on it even though it when...the house...came down on it...or was it started after in that case the knights...there was a scream from outside it sounded human i ran out and saw a vast army of soldiers and meceneries fighting against Leggx i rran to help him but i saw him shake his head and when he did thats when they struckI saw it a mage form the back hit him with some kind of water spell or another and it froze leggx in ice...if he hadn't stopped fighting to shake his head he wiuld be free...I ran...I ran with every thing that I had but not to him, away, where he had wanted me to go in the first place...leggx knew there was an ambush but he cam back...for me to get me food and substanace...I will free him I'll follow him and find where they keep him I'll crush the army they gaurd him with I will not be seen as a man who cannot be trusted I can...I will.  
end POV

Leggx POV:
I know they'll be there they'll have to have gotten there by now but...the old man said if he didn't eat soon he would stop existing..."hey...wake up you need to eat."  I said. *Leggx dropps a cow on Cora* he groans "dropping things like that on me isn't a way to wake me fact a little farther north with that and you could have put me to sleep...permanatly...beside I cant eat all of this anyways" he said so I said " I was hoping not because that's my snack and not for you. You will have to forge for your own food, though I'll help you this one time. I'll show you to a village where you can have whatever food you want...Follow me"

(the burned village from my last post(earlier in this post if you wanna get technical))
he looks angry always asking "why?" and such things...*sniff sniff* oh no they're here please go to the house....yes he walking while he is there i shal take care of these....few.......soldiers oh no there's an army of them thousands I'll never take all of them...*leggx begins to fight the soldiers*. Ah...on no he's coming out please be blind or somthing...dont see this. *Leggx attempts to use gravity flip it falis*. no dont charge. *Leggx stops fighting and shakes his head**leggx becomes trapped in ice *. Ahhh...this will not do yes he's gone but tese rope they have..they will tangle me if I use firespie but I can think of nothing else to use *leggx uses combo skill firespin* *leggx's firespin causes him to become furter tangled in the ropes*.well at least i took donw most of them...they'll be harde pressed to move me without on of their machines...should be good for a while. *yawn* *leggx sleeps*
end POV
so uh anyone who wants to join in on the capture of leggx can....just keep it accurate ya know...dude mans still alive so...yeah
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(Imma just use the Tech4x format  :^_^':...)

   Yak, had been traveling for a couple days now. He was coming back from a contract, it was a petty contract, he had to kill the some wolves that were attacking sheep. Yak honestly didn't think the messily 15 dollars was worth it anyways. Trying to move up in the ranks and all the contracts he could were pathetic ones. Yak was looking for something to define himself, to prove to himself that he was worth Simo's time! He took out his liquor bottle from his belt, takes off the caps and lifts it above his mouth.... there was nothing left.

Quote from:  YakAwww come on!! I swore I refilled it last stop... actually I did. Isn't that right Whitey?

   Whitey was his pet hawk, its full name is White Death, but he just calls it Whitey for short. A matter of fact, Whitey, isn't even white. He continued to walk along the path, talking to the bird. Whitey, suddenly flew off, up into the sky. The bird usually does this when it finds or is on to something.

Quote from:  YakWhitey! What is it?

  He ran after the bird, hoping it would find a bar or an inn. He followed it off the path and into the forest. After a few minutes, the bird stop flying and landed on a branch. Yak ran up to the tree the bird was sitting on, looked up at it.

Quote from:  Yak....You made me run here for a tree?

   Whitey gave out a screech, hurting the ears of Yak. The birds beak was pointing to his right, so Yak turned his head. There, flowing nicely, was a crystal clear waterfall. Yak. haven't had anything to drink since his last liquor break, was pretty thirsty. So, he ran to the river, underneath the waterfall, and started to drink. After replenishing himself, he saw a pare of footprints, one being none human like. The place didn't look like many people came here or anything that looks like that, that's what caught him off guard.

Quote from:  YakI know Whitey, there is two tracks! What you thinking? The long ones or the small ones?

   There was two tracks, one being big and one being small. By the looks of it, there must have been a very large animal of some sort here, and a very small, somewhat feminine footprint, not to far away from each other. Yak, was a very well trained hunter, he was able to tell when the footprints where created.

Quote from:  YakHmm... it looks like these two people were here at the same time? Hey... Whitey, you still never answered my question.

   They bird let out a screech, it was almost like it did it just to keep him quiet.

Quote from:  YakYeah! That's what I was thinking... we'll follow the small footprints.

   Before they left, he quickly ran to the river to refill his liquor bottle with some fresh water. The tracks, went fairly far through the forest, and they had little water droplets around them. This person must have been carrying a bucket filled with water.

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
-Oscar De La Hoya


(seems like im writing alot...someone tell me when theres enough info to write a game so i can do that cause this'd be an awsome game)
Coras POV:

The army moves suprisingly fast...they've loaded and begn moving leggx and the night isn't even  It seems like they are going to take him to a nearby castle. But while travling i ducked into the woods to avoid detection only to get lost...I have been wondering for some time though I am not quite sure where i am but i can hear the spirits very clearly now. It's not the uasal murmor but it is now a roar as if I am near some vast spirit untouchable by man.

There the source of the roar it's a waterfall hmmmmmm. *the skill raise is used on the waterfall*. There a spirit, it is large unruly even, but it will have to make company for I feel that I am not alone. *the spirit of the waterfall is summoned as an ally(spirit count=1)*. i walk further and there see a man...he could be an ally or an enemy.*the sprit of wind is summoned to cloak the water spirit(spirit count=2)* spirit do not attack unless he fight me first."you there your name what is it?"
end pov
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Fallen Angel X

   Klara arrived back at her house. She set the buckets down and began to think. She had heard rumors while walking down the road about soldiers arriving in town. She had a feeling that her appearance was compromised and that she'd have to change form. She let out a sigh "Just when I was getting used to this body." She thought over her next appearance. She paced around for awhile until she decided on the form of a child. Her next move was to check out these soldiers. She devised a simple plan to make her look not very suspicious. After all, who would suspect a little girl?

   She began to meld her new body. She would have a petite form with short hair, her clothes weren't much to look at. They were peasantry clothes. She began running outside. She had everything formulated, the only thing left was to execute the plan itself out. She neared the cave where she had stored her 3 skeletons. She saw a figure near it but it didn't look like he would chase her and her skeletons. He looked to shocked almost expecting something else to appear. Her skeletons stayed pace with her and maintained a sizable distance away. She neared the town and began to scream to the top of her lungs. Sure enough soldiers responded to her scream. She began to cry for help because skeletons had been chasing her. She entered into the town and ran behind the soldiers.