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The girls began to follow Aveyar again.

After a few minutes of running, Sakura's feet suddenly felt heavy, and she fell onto the rough floor of Melbyreth.  She got up and let out a yelp of pain.

Dikura ran over to her and examined her.

There were a few bruises starting to form on her legs, and a large gash from her left palm to her wrist resulted from the fall.  Blood began to drip down, but Dikura noticed that for some reason... this blood was oddly... thick.

Dikura ran her finger against the blood and smeared some between her fingers before letting out a gasp.
"Oh no, Sakura...  You're bleeding sap."



Aveyar felt Gemini spin around, looking at Sakura. He could feel panic from Gemini. "Hurry, the Savior can help. He can make worlds anew, surely he can cure you." Gemini picked up Sakura, and began to run. "Keep up if you can." Images began to flash through Aveyar's head. Faint images from Gemini's mind. Something about Lifeforce and Magic. He couldn't quite understand what he was seeing. Aveyar felt Gemini spread the skeletal wings and leap into the air, only to come back down. Aveyar mentally chuckled, I guess he was used to regular wings.



He stumbled upon an inn. It didnt have the best ale, but, it was the cheapest. Yak, took the farthest room down the upstairs hallway. He was extremely exhausted from the flow of the big city. He decided to sleep and rest for a couple of days before he goes to research more about the Ice Elemental.
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   Klara hesitated slightly before changing forms. She recalled the figure that the man in front of her used to be. She grinned darkly as her form melted away, reshaping itself. She shifted into the form of Aurven. She noted the surprised expression on Koji's face. She couldn't help but giggle. However, it looked funny in the form she was in. She looked at "Eniky" and give him a dark smile.

Quote from: KlaraWill this appearance suit you? I feel as though I blend in this place quite well, looking like this.

   She knew she was taunting him in a sense but these things came naturally for her. Perhaps he'd have the patience to survive the trek.


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Eniky scowled at her. He knew exactly what she was trying to do, test his patience. There was one thing he was going to miss about being Aurven, not having the self control to keep himself from killing such people. For a brief moment he imagined what her body would look like if he killed her. Would it shrivel into a formless mass? Or perhaps it would reveal her true form. Or maybe she just stayed in whatever form she was wearing. Eniky toyed with the idea of ramming the Legacyblade through her heart and finding out. A faint smile crossed his lips as he turned around. Yes...more Lifeforce. More time to be a demigod. Eniky felt the power of Mel inside him flare to life.


He clenched his teeth forcing himself to forget such thoughts. "Fine, that will do. This way." Eniky began walking forward. He knew where the seal was: the permanent sealed link between the two worlds. He'd resealed the barrier twice now. It got easier every time. Eniky could feel the rocks even through the thick soles of his boots. He did envy the shapeshifter for being able to reproduce the scales he'd had. The metalic soil, the jagged rocks, and even the heat and steam seeping out of the very ground wouldn't be noticeable in the body of an inhabitant of Mel.

However, taking that form might come with a cost. In Melbyreth, all the rules were different. Even life and death didn't exist as it had in the mortal world. How would Mel react when he noticed someone was artificially taking that form. Eniky smiled, imagining the possibilities. Apparently part of Aurven's personality still remained in his mind.


Dikura rolled her eyes at the failed attempt at flying.
"At least let me heal her hand..."

She took out some water and used magic to heal Sakura's wonded hand.

"Thanks, Di :)"

"No problem... now... we need a speedy travel."
Dikura whistled once more. 

Even in the firey hell of Melbyreth, the sound of the whistle was as clear as running water.  Dikura's phoenix appeared, and she hopped on him.

"Come on.  We'll reach wherever you want must faster on him."


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What in the name of light and darkness... Aveyar had never seen someone summon a giant icy bird before. He felt Gemini move his body onto the Pheonix.

"I'm not used to these useless bones for wings." Gemini said, spreading Aveyar's wings. "They're just metal bones, like a batwing with no skin. I don't see the point." Gemini gestured towards the south "We go that way." The pheonix took off into the sky, soaring quickly. The black lifeless ground rolled slowly under them. Gemini spread Aveyar's skeletal wings. Aveyar could sense a longing from Gemini. I guess he missed flying on his own wings.

After a few minutes, they landed in front of a tall black stone tower. It looked worn out and abandoned, but he could feel the pull Gemini was following leading them inside. There was nothing blocking the entry. Aveyar felt his body jump of the phoenix and walk up to the entrance.

"Follow me."

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Xexus PoV:

   Xexus breathed in the air. It wasn't often that he'd spend his time in Mel. It was a place brimming with evil and so he wasn't truly needed there. However, he felt the prescence of the being who could ascend. He ran his fingertips through the dirt. He felt the prescence of others with the being. Yes, this would be entertaining. He extended his wings and flew through the barren lands. His mind was at ease. His powers were not limited in a place such as this. However, he continued to excercise caution. He approached his target at an exceedingly alarming rate.

Klara PoV:

   Klara felt uneasy. This form did well to conceal her but she felt that it wouldn't save her from a chance encounter. She followed Eniky. She didn't trust him and his thoughts proved exactly that. She had no other choice than to trust him. There didn't seem like any other way out.



Mel opened his eyes. It felt like an eternity since he focused his mind on his own body. As the god of Melbyreth, the one who kept this world alive, he had no need for his body. He saw his world through the mind of his followers, drifting from place to place like a formless ethereal being. He watched over his world, governed and controlled it through the power he held over the minds of all who his Lifeblood sustained. He'd been everywhere, yet nowhere both at the same time. But now, he awakened...he was in a physical body. The sensation of being in a single location was disorienting. He could still hear the thoughts from the countless minds of the inhabitants of Melbyreth. He'd be able to see through their eyes if he focused. He could even take full control of one of the bodies of the denizens of Melbyreth if he needed to.

Mel had to strain his mind to focus on the single image he saw, the single angle from which he saw the room. It took great mental exertion to understand the forgotten sensation of seeing through only one's own eyes. He was in a dark tomb, pillars of jagged stone reaching up to the ceiling. He lay on a relatively smooth stone slab staring up into the black shadows above.

After a few minutes of laying there, he focused on moving his arm. All he succeeded in doing was moving the arm of one of the denizens of Melbyreth feeding on another. In the name of Aylates! He mentally swore, the curse rebounding through the minds of all who lived off his power. It was so difficult to move just a single body.

He stood up. The longer he was in his body, the easier it became to focus on his sensations. Why was it that he'd awakened? One of the beings of Melbyreth summoned the Legacyblade and reverted to his original form. But that wasn't it. There was some kind of disturbance, something that seemed to violate the very essence of Melbyreth. He focused on the mind of the one who had become a human again, the one who had been known as Aurven. Maybe that would give him a clue.

Since this Eniky was no longer a true being of Melbyreth, it was hard to touch his mind. When he became Eniky again, their Link became very weak. If Eniky hadn't held on to the power Mel had given him, then Mel wouldn't be able to feel his mind anymore. But Eniky knew just how difficult surviving in Melbyreth without power was. Oh yes, Mel remembered the first time Eniky came here. Through Eniky's eyes, it was more like being an allseeing consciousness. There were no nearby beings of Melbyreth. He could still feel the Lifeblood flowing through the ground, Mel's power keeping this world held together, but no living denizen of this world was nearby. But then...what was that with Eniky. Aurven? It looked exactly like Aurven! Yes, there was no mistaking it, it was Eniky's previous form.

Mel focused on the Aurven lookalike, concentrating all power of his vast mind on the being. Yet he felt nothing. No Link. No connection. It was an impostor. It took upon itself the form of one sustained by Mel, yet it was not. He could feel Lifeforce pulsing out of it. True, it was shadowed and darker, but Lifeforce nonetheless.

That fake would pay for taking upon itself the form of a being of Mel. It would pay with more than just its life. He could easily kill it right here, just summon the boiling flames of Melbyreth that lurked beneath the soil: the Lifeblood holding Melbyreth together. He could consume the being in flames and be done with it. But no, it would suffer the pains of a thousand hells.  He focused on Eniky again. He would use him to capture her. He tried moving Eniky towards her, the Link was too weak now.

"Attention all who live from my strength." Mel projected his voice into the mind of every inhabitant of Melbyreth. Only Eniky, and those sustained by Mel's power could hear his voice in their minds. "There is an impostor, one who mocks our very existence!" He placed the fake's image into their minds, and mentally drove them towards it: guiding all the beings of Melbyreth to the impostor's  location. His consciousness was everywhere for his mind was even in the fires beneath the soil. No matter where it went, he'd see the fake at all times, and so all of Melbyreth would know where its location. "Do not kill the fake, bring it to me. I will show it what happens to those who sin against the great god Mel."

(FAX, if you're reading Eniky's thoughts, you would have just heard the message.)

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Klara PoV:

   She felt it. A sudden intrusion into Eniky's mind. She tried to figure out a solution to this sudden dilema but alas, no solution was found. Perhaps, she may confide in her allies. That was a viable possibility. But she hesitated slightly; she hated relying on others. However, she was left with no choice.

Quote from: KlaraWe'll be under attack soon. I doubt changing my form will solve this. I theorize the inhabitants here aren't quite forgiving. Oh, and Koji, since you're rather clueless at the moment, we're under attack because this form is insulting to the creatures here.

   She glared at Eniky. She half expected him to tell her that this form was dangerous to wander around in but she also knew that it was a distinct possibility. She wrapped the situation in her mind, trying to figure out a solution. She saw a figure, however. In the distance, a hulking figure flew in towards them. Were they out of time? Was it this quick that they'd react? She suddenly felt very nervous as a sweat trickled down her face. One thing was for certain, they'd need to find a defendable spot if they were to last.

Xexus PoV:

   He flew at a high velocity speed. His eyes finally caught the figures in the distance. He saw a creature that inhabited Mel, a Grimthyln and a Human. What an odd pairing. Where was his target, though? It was a being that was born from the darkness, that became stronger from feeding on people, and lived solely to wreak havoc. Yes, it indeed had the potential to ascend, should it choose to. But what was this? He felt another prescence. It was all too familiar. Gemini. An angel, said to have vanished. This was news to report as well. However, he remained on his task and approached the group. He landed right beside the human.

Quote from: XexusTch. Human, where is the Yama-Uba? Tell me now, or perish where you stand. And don't have any funny ideas. I'm a lot stronger than you in this place. You deal with an Angel. Now, tell me where it is!

   He armed his four hands and shot a judgement barrage at the human, intentionally missing. This was to show his true might. He smiled, although it could not be seen through his heavy helmet.



Well this simplifies things. Eniky smiled. The shape shifter would be killed by a being of the darkness. He didn't even have to dirty his own hands. Yes...his smile broadened as he pictured her being destroyed by this dark angel. She would pay for the monstrous acts he knew she committed. He'd sensed what this Klara was while he was still Aurven. Eniky knew exactly the kinds of things such creatures do. She would pay for the humans she'd eaten. She would pay for mocking Avenal. All he had to do was point to her.


What would she want him to do? Eniky sighed, he knew the answer already. He had to help Klara., Klara was a monster. Just as were the dark creatures of Melbyreth. But if he could be redeemed, could not this shape shifting monster? But what of justice?

As he sat trying to make up his mind, the Legacyblade appeared in his hand, shining forth with brilliant light.


This being of darkness would not spare the one who wields the Legacyblade. Eniky winced, anticipating what would likely happen next.

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Xexus PoV:

The yama-uba was capable of shapeshifting. That he knew. His experiences with darkness, however, allowed him to distinguish which faction they belonged to. The human smelled of Mel, which was an oddity. The grimthyln was not allied with any forces of darkness. And lastly, the inhabitant of Mel.. He smelled something interesting. The creature of Mel was not allied with Mel! Indeed, it may have been possible that the yama-uba shifted into the form of a creature of Mel to blend in. A mistake on its part. But now, he knew which was the yama-uba.

Quote from: XexusYama-uba, there is no hiding yourself. You will swear allegiance to the angels of the damned. You WILL serve us. If you come with me peacefully, I will spare your allies.

   He looked directly at the Yama-uba. It was quite different from its brethren. It had the potential to "evolve". And this potential, was key in the fallen angel's war with god. Indeed, it would be quite an asset.

Klara PoV:

Quote from: KlaraYou're not an inhabitant of Mel. Nor can I read your thoughts. You are, without a doubt, powerful. But your power cannot take on all of Mel. The inhabitants are headed directly towards us, after me. I'm quite certain that if you are to take me, they would be let loose upon you. But, you will most likely not listen to reason. So, then let us begin this battle and see who will be the victor.

   She knew that this was a lose-lose situation. If she won, all of Mel would be after her. But if she lost, she'd be taken away. She began to take a liking to the thought of being taken away, however. It seemed much better than certain death. Perhaps, just maybe, she'll intentionally lose.

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Klara PoV:

   As she thought over her current situation, her mind was suddenly interrupted. A feeling, a crave, that she had not yet satisfied resurfaced. She hungered for human flesh. She couldn't think clearly with this horrible sensation but she thought that entering combat with this foe was acceptable.

Quote from: KlaraHeh, if you want to capture me, you'll have to beat me in a one on one duel.

   She steadied herself and engaged her opponent. He was tremendously powerful... It was a wonder as to how she managed to avoid his four swinging arms! But as hard as she tried, she was no match for him. Especially since part of her mind was spent on suppressing her hunger. Suddenly, she realized something. This was Mel, a place of untold darkness. She held her ground and concentrated, she began to draw on the power of Melbyreth, using it to satisfy her hunger. But suddenly, she could feel an intrusion into her mind... The voice that spoke to Eniky.

Xexus PoV:

   He sensed what the Yama-uba was trying to do, however, he was unable to stop her. It fell to the floor, lying in a fetal position. He sighed as it lay limp. Reaching out his hand, he focused his magical energies. He delved into his former angelic self and searched for a divine spell. As he was no longer a servant of "God", there was a probability that the spell could backfire. But either way, the target would be lost but atleast this spell had a chance of saving her. He chanted words forgotten to all creatures, and his magic enveloped the hulking mass. Suddenly, a bright light flashed. Before him stood 3 figures. He had somewhat succeeded, however, it was supposed to be only 2. His spell was a soul splitter. With this, it was possible to salvage his mission.

Klara PoV:

   She looked beside her and saw 2 new figures. A Faeleen slave girl and... Avenal. Her memories were split and she could only recall bits and pieces. She herself, had changed. Her personality was more cruel and sadistic than before. And her hunger... It felt as if it was gone. She noticed that her appearance was no longer Aurven but that of a woman whom hated Faeleens with a passion. She sat there confused.


(just gotta say that's epic. I have homework tonight, but I have to figure out how to respond to that, lol. BTW, do those "clones" have Klara's memories, or do they think they're the characters she was acting and have those memories?)

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(They retain very small bits of information of Klara's memories. Just the bits that refer to their identity, like the thoughts she read that referred to them, uhh their personality when Klara acted as them, etc, etc. They also believe that they're the people who she was acting.)

Xexus PoV:

   He deciphered what exactly the spell did. The spell was originally meant to split the yang away from yin and materialize the 2 into 2 seperate entities. The spell's backfire, however, caused a minor setback. It created a yin, a yang, and a keystone. The keystone is what holds the other 2 together and is a mixture of yin and yang. But even that backfired. The yin inherited the keystone capabilities. Meaning, the other 2, the yang, and the mixture of the 2, would disappear should the keystone fade away. He also assumed that the hold that Mel had on the Yama-Uba was faint to begin with. And it virtually became non-existant when her mind was split into 3. This would allow him to carry all 3 out of Melbyreth w/o Mel's interferance. He would then be able to incite a ritual that would recombine the 3 together. Yes, his plan was coming together. He smiled deviously, although, it could not be seen underneath his heavy helmet.


(alright, still gotta figure out what to make Eniky and Aveyar do x.x it's been awhile since I RPed them.)



Aveyar's Faeleen eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness as Gemini ran inside the seemingly abandoned tower. Every step forward they took, Aveyar could feel the pull leading Gemini stronger every second. It was almost intoxicating. Finally they reached the top of the tower, the blazing red sky looked even angrier from up here. Walking slowly towards them, a figure in thick plate-mail armor extended his hand.

"Aveyar...Guardian of Paradise" He said, his voice calm but forceful. "Take a knee."

Aveyar felt Gemini move their body to its knees, and bow.

"You've always been faithful, never turning against me." His voice had a sort of pride to it. "Even death could not hold you. You shone through the myriad of souls and return to me in the body of a demon, stripped of your power, but not your spirit."

Aveyar felt a metal gauntlet touch his head. "I can grant you new life once again, restoring both your power and your true form."

Aveyar looked up, stunned.

Through the heavy metal helmet, Aveyar could see the Savior's surprisingly youthful face smiling down at him.

"I know what pain this Faeleen form has brought to you. Yet you can once again take the form of an angel." His eyes grew serious. "But this must be the choice of the vessel who houses Aveyar's spirit, the Faeleen must choose."

Aveyar's fingers tingled, his entire body starting to go numb. His life had been a living hell for years. A living hell because he was persecuted as a demon. With this...he would be heralded as an angel, he would be like this Gemini within him, the Aveyar of legend. He could remake the world with that sort of influence over people...

But...could he really do this? Abandon his faeleen self? And what of the faeleen girl? How could he be with her as an angel?


Eniky watched as the fallen angel drew on its former light. He saw the three bodies on the ground, a woman he didn't recognize, Avenal, and a Faeleen girl.

what madness is this?


He looked at  her with longing, falling to his knees and reaching his hand towards her. He stopped, pulling back. No, this was another of the shape-shifter's tricks.

Avenal looked towards him, her eyes suddenly flashing with recognition as they fell upon Eniky.

"Eniky..." She lunged forward, putting her arms around him and placing her head against his chest. "Where am I? What's going on?" Her body trembled against his.

He didn't know how to respond...he knew it wasn't really Avenal...but what could he do? It looked just like her, and he could sense that it wasn't the same dark being as the shape-shifter klara.Tentatively, he began to stroke her hair. "It'll be ok Avenal. We're in Melbyreth, but I'll free you from this place."

Fallen Angel X

Xexus PoV:

Quote from: XexusYou fool! Don't interfere with my business.

Xexus yelled it at the top of his lungs that it could shake even the floors of Melbyreth. In order to recombine the yama-uba, he required all of the fragments of her former self. Suddenly, a voice echoed into his head.

Quote from: ???Xexus, you've no business in Melbyreth. You must leave at once!

He sighed as a portal opened up behind him. Before he could be dragged through, however, he grabbed one of the 3 fragments, the keystone embodiment and was dragged away. He kneeled before the head of the fallen angels while keeping the woman hidden behind him. He apologized for his meddling in Melbyreth and returned to his chamber. His mission target had not yet been achieved! He would ambush them at the gates connecting Melbyreth and the land of humans. He smirked at the thought, however, he would not be at full strength in that world. But, if he was lucky, he'd be able to capture the 2 remaining personas of the yama-uba. However, all that would depend on that group's ability to escape Melbyreth.