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   Whitey let out a screech, someone was following them. Yak turned around, and saw a women running towards their direction. She didn't look like she could harm them, so he put his rifle away. Yak, didn't even have a chance to reach the cave, which kind of irritated him. But, there was a lady coming, so it wasn't to bad. He waited for the women.
"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
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Fallen Angel X

   Klara approached closer to the cave when she saw the sniper walking still. He was slow. She had left later than him and even stopped by her house before heading off. It didn't matter. She neared the sniper and saw that he was waiting. She approached him and began to talk.

Quote from: KlaraHey! I was just wondering but do you know about any caves in this area? You see, I'm a mercenary and I've been hired to check out a cave near here.

   There were plenty of mercenaries these days. Her story wasn't out of the ordinary so it was believable. She waited for the sniper's reply.



   The women came up to him and started a conversation, she was quite beautiful, just a little older.

Quote from:  YakUm... actually, Im doing the same thing. We should go check it out together?

   The two of them went to the cave, and there he was, the tall, dark, red eyed man. It was very intimidating to be near him, he look very strong. They got closer to him, Yak standing a bit ahead of the women. They waited for the response of the man.
"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
-Oscar De La Hoya


Aveyar's POV

Aveyar watched as two people approached. One of them he'd heard of. He carried a weapon known as a gun. To him, it sounded like little more than a sad excuse for hurling bits of metal. True, it would be useful if he were out of Magic or something, but highly unpractical. Next to the man he saw a red haired woman. If he hadn't been Faeleen, he might have considered her beautiful.
As she approached, he felt an Echo.

What do those blasted Echos mean?

Aveyar was frustrated by how little he understood that particular ability. Regardless, it put him on edge. He drew his sword quickly, a dark expression on his face as he spoke

Quote from: AveyarWhat is your purpose here?

H couldn't let anyone kill the monster that he met here. She would be a valuable ally in his quest. He'd gathered that the monster, whom he assumed was female, could change forms. This much he'd noticed when he pursued her to the battle wherein the strange man known as Cora had battled.

So he had to make sure neither of these people were here if he was going to kill them.

Quote from: AveyarThe one who dwells in this cave is of interest to me. For your sake, I hope you don't wish to harm 'her'

Aveyar laughed.

Quote from: AveyarBut speak quickly. I'm not known for patience with humans.

-end of POV

Sorry that it took me so long guys, I was up in salt lake. Crap, I missed all the action!!


not all of it...theres still plenty more to come.................
Leggx's POV:

after walking for some time leggx and the old man come to a beach.
The man says "Enter the water, I shall be close at hand".
Leggx goes into the water and as he does he sees the man also enter the water. But when the man touches the water he begins to change...he becomes Levithan; Leggx is dumbfounded.
Levithan says"come with me I will help you, but you must serve God."
Still dumbfounded Leggx agrees.
They enter the depths of the ocean where heaven lies.

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Fallen Angel X

   Klara saw the tall, dark, red eyed man. He was the one from the other day, the one who threatened to kill her. Her appearance was different this time however so she figured it would be a nice little opportunity to find out why he was interested in her. She had to be careful however, one slip up, one mistake, could end up revealing her identity to both of them. And for now, that wasn't in her best interests.

Quote from: KlaraI'm a mercenary, I was hired to find a monster dwelling in this cave. I was rather skeptical of this contract at first but now you've confirmed that a creature does live here. Although I am a duty-bound mercanary, I am not without a heart. May I inquire as to why you're interested in this creature?

   She looked at him, reading every movement in his body. He was deadly, she knew about Faeleens. She had researched them in her spare time after their chance encounter. She looked at the sniper. She wasn't quite sure why he had come here. All that she knew was that he was here and with a reason, it seemed. This seemed even more of an opportunity to enlighten herself on both of these people's motives and how she could twist and manipulate them.



   Yak, looked at the beautiful women, as she rambled on. He kind of thought it was funny how she explains herself so much. It wasn't to interested in her though, besides her looks of course. Yak, was more interested in this man. His presence, it was incredible, and his structure was foreign to him.

Quote from:  YakSorry, lady... but who cares about this creature? I am far more interested in this man!

   Yak walked up to him, getting very close. He was much taller, causing him to look up. Yak put his rifle around his shoulder, to show he didn't want any harm.

Quote from:  YakWhat are you?

  He, obviously, knew he had interrupted the women, but he didn't care. He was just hoping to get a truthful answer from this man.
"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
-Oscar De La Hoya


"a bard?" the captain said, "my apologies but I don't know about any bards or mysticism. unfortunately I have some monsters to hunt, this village is in-"

"CAPTAIN!" a man charged in, looking immensely flustered.

"what is it, man?" the captain replied, either bored or annoyed at the other for charging in.

"the monsters destroyed another village near here. as you said, as soon as word came we sent out a scout and I came to report it to you."

a moment passed in silence. the captain turned to Kirema, "sorry sir, but I have no time for bards, or fools, or whatevr you are, I have monsters to hunt. Gather the army, we move!"

- -

-outside Town-

the captain raised hisblade, "the scout reported that a monster is near a cave, apparently holding two innocents hostage, LETS CHARGE THEM!"


after this POV I'm going to start refering to Leggx by his alias...which would be Dieo (pronounced D-O)
Leggx's POV:

(in heaven)

Leggx and Levithan enter Heaven. There they meet God,who says to Leggx"ah...look what has befallen my child,this misery and pain allow me to take it from you." he continued "However I must insist that you repent of you wicked ways. Understand Leggx that I can make you anew so that the world of men will not fear your apperance." Leggx who has been silent the whole time agrees to God's terms.

end POV

Villagers' POV:(i decided to put cora to rest since he's dead and all..Iwont use this pov again ever)

the villager ran out to the forest in the direction that he had seen the demons drag Cora he searched franticly for the hero to tell him that the battle was won, but when he found him Cora lie slain. "who would do this?" he yelled "Why must demons pluage our land God why?" then hearing him othervillagers gather to him and see Cora lieing slain they quickly become outraged. From the back a voice cries "the least we can do for him now is to bury him, and give him the proper honers he deserves." the other villagers agree and so they set about burying Cora. after the burrial a man went to lieft Cora's sword to place it as a marker but found that he had not the strenght. calling upon more and more men it was found that his sword was immovable and it was left as it was point first in the ground as a marker of a hero.


um someone tell me when a few days have passed in the rp world plz...thx in advance...btw is it just me or did it seem like most of this happened in one day...?
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He tensed as the man moved towards me. Rising his tail instinctively to an attack position. But he hadn't become a valuable mercenary by giving into instinct.

Quote from: AveyarMy name is Aveyar.

He turned towards the woman. a mercenary... Guess the one who put up the contract wasn't patient enough for Aveyar to return. Probobly thinks he got eaten.

Aveyar folded his arms. This woman's interest in the monster could either be good, or bad.

Quote from: AveyarI've come to make an valiance with the creature, if you must know.

He readied his sword.

Quote from: AveyarNow unless one of you is a form she's taken, you should probably run.

Suddenly his body began to Echo uncontrollably. It was a steady beating rythem. What in the name of light and darkness? He resisted the urge to vomit, and struggled to stand up straight. He scanned the horizon for any sign of danger.

Then he saw it. Solders.

Quote from: AveyarYou son of led the solders here!

Aveyar pressed his sword against the gunman's chest.

(@scoace13, a few posts back Ulta said a few days passed. It's night time now, late at night after Leggex's clone was killed)



   Yak had the man, Aveyar, press his sword against his chest. He tried to move the sword off of it, but he was to strong. Yak, looked into his eyes.

Quote from:  YakThose are pretty damn red eye.

   Aveyar, looked more annoyed than amused. Yak chuckled a bit, then took a couple steps back.

Quote from:  YakWhitey! Go scout the area, quick!

   Yak, was wondering if the women led them here. But, Yak, had to make sure that Aveyar didn't kill him.

Quote from:  YakI don't know what you are talking, leading people? But, by the looks of it we should either run or prepare for a possible battle!

   Yak, sat down and leaned against the cave wall, he pulled out a clothe from his pocket and was fiddling with it.
"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
-Oscar De La Hoya


Kirema followed the captain, dodging in between trees and the like to avoid being spotted. Kirema was curious, as this monster seemed to have gathered the high profile attention of the captain. Kirema snuck along, dodging and weaving  until they reached the cave.

I wonder whether I might find something interesting here...

Kirema readied his Lansword and smiled...He might just get something interesting to do for once......


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Avyear glowered at the sniper. He acted more at ease around Aveyar than any human other than his foster parents had acted. It was disconcerting....and infuriating. He'd gotten used to humans fearing him, and treating him like a monster.

Well I'll just have to get used to it.

Quote from: AveyarUnder the circumstances, I'd say we have little choice. We need to hide.

Aveyar sheathed his sword and ran into the cave. He hoped that neither of these humans would be hostile to the cave's owner when she returned.

Quote from: AveyarHumans are pathetic at hunting in the dark, into the cave.



   Yak, actually quite offended by that, quickly ran into the cave. He let the women run in first, so he could watch her run. Whitey, flew inside the cave as well, warning Yak when he was going to run into a wall.

Quote from:  YakArgh... I hate hiding!

   Yak, started to laugh, he found it ironic coming from a sniper. He just followed Aveyar, was kind of curious as to why he didn't want to fight.
"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
-Oscar De La Hoya


Legg's POV:k after this ill start using the alias...heh(ps. first person)
Days here in heaven are tough I've been given my human body but it never seems to want to obey me all my movements feel stiff and clumsy. God has told my that I'll only be here a few more days before he sends me out as his prophet to the people. Eariler today I met Micheal the archangel he gave me his staffblade as a token of good will and as a way to guide the people. For now I go to sleep for it seem that even in heaven I need rest.

end POV

@LB: I meant a couple days after that post in which I posted.
Well some one tell me when dawn comes. And yes time moves faster in heaven.
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When they'd entered the cave, he told the others to move on. He leaped into the air, and propelled himself further with Impact. He was going to ambush the soldiers. There was no way they could defeat him, here in the darkness of the cave. This is where he felt most like himself, where he was most confident. Dark caves felt like his natural environment.

And it was where he was most dangerous.

A band of about ten soldiers entered the cave, obviously a scouting party. Killing the scouting party in a dark cave should give him a psychological advantage. He knew that Faeleens were considered monsters, and dangerous ones at that. Who wants to chase a bloodthirsty monster into a dark cave.

He opened a sack of sharp metal shards. He carefully aimed one, and hurled it into the back of the neck of one of the scouts with Impact. The man fell silently, except for the sound of his neck shattering.

Aveyar leapt silently to another area in the cave. He sprayed their ranks with sharp metal shards, and two of them fell dead.

-end of POV

I would have killed them all, but, I'll let Yak and Klara have some fun too.


Kirema looked again after he heard two of the soldiers scream inside the cave. Kiream lept into the mouth and scanned the dark cavern for traces of life. He saw the two bodies of the soldiers in the middle of the pack of scouts.

Kirema then saw a strange creature he had only seen in his books on monsters, a Faeleen. Strangely, he was not frightened by it, but rather curious to see whether it was hositle or not.

Kirema broke off his thoughts and threw two air disks into the pack of soldiers still left. He decided to make with the Faeleen and the other, rather obscured, people behind it. Two fell dead and he lept up past the remainder to the right side of the Faeleen.

***I don't know if we were supposed to move Ulta's guys for him but at least we have a story going...xD***

Fallen Angel X

   Klara watched as the Faeleen killed 2 of the soldiers. She knew this cave fairly well and as such she knew her way around it. She'd been using the cave as a means of eating unsuspecting victims so it made sense for her to know her way around it. At this moment however, it would be best not to take the lead. Fighting as well wasn't to her liking but if a soldier attempted to fight her, she wouldn't hesitate killing him. She unsheathed her sword, if she was caught off guard, things would go downhill from there. She looked around at the soldiers, nothing exceptional about them. Then she noticed a man, clearly not a soldier, a little bit behind them. He wasn't in a guard's uniform and he didn't quite have the hostile intent as the other soldiers.

Quote from: Klara(Thinking)No skeletons. No snakes. Only a bag of potions and this sword. Not quite my kind of battle but I have 2 quite capable allies who can do most of the gruntwork.

   She had a craving all of a sudden. It wasn't new or anything and it had happened before. She craved for human flesh and it wasn't going to be easily suppressed. One guard was all she would need to satisfy her needs. She'd have to be careful not to be caught eating though. She began formulating a plan. She recorded the location of one soldier. She reached into her pouch and grabbed a vial. It was the equivalent of a smokescreen and in that time she would nab the soldier. She would then slit his throat to avoid any struggle and bring the corpse deeper into the cave. She knew of a section in the cave that was pitch dark which would be perfect for eating without being seen. Her plan was set, all she needed to do was execute the plan. As long as no one sees her after the smokescreen, it would work. And since everyone was fighting, it would be easy to slip pass without being noticed. She threw the vial and waited for it to take effect.


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Aveyar watched in shock as a man burst into the cave and killed two more of the scouts. He was startled as the man leaped next to him, and fell into a fighting stance. Aveyar nodded at him, and turned back to the fighting. He opened a pouch full of sharp glass dust. He tossed it into the air, and thrust it into the soldiers with Impact.

They shielded their faces, but still got cut. As they were hit by the glass he leaped into the middle of them,and thrust his sword into the heart of one of them. He spun kicking one and sticking his tail into the man. The Magic quickly entered his body as the man's lifeforce was sucked away. He turned to attack another, but a smokescreen shot up through the area.

He couldn't see. True, he could easily see in the dark, but smoke was different. He thrust outwards in all directions with Impact, and leaped into the air, propelling himself higher with Impact. He was running low on Magic, a radial blast of Impact that hard had taken a lot. But he couldn't let conserving Magic take priority over surviving. He waited for the smoke to clear. When it did, he was surprised to see only two solders remaining. And the woman was gone...

what is she up to?

No time to think about that now. He hurled himself down on top of one of the solders. He pinned it to the ground and thrust his tail into the man's flesh. He felt the Magic seeping into him. But the man wasn't dieing.

Aveyar cursed. The man must be a mage, and had mana.

He was knocked off by telekinesis, and a fireball crashed into him. He lept up, jumping away from the mage. He didn't have enough Magic to fight someone who used mana. Mana regenerated in people's bodies, and the spells the casted seemed to take less of it. They had a clear advantage over him as he was now.

Aveyar felt an overwhelming Echo, and collapsed to the floor. He could hardly think, the Echo reverberated to his core. He felt...something within him. It was like it was trying to tear free of him.

(-edit. I forgot to mention something.)

He cried out in pain, and the world began to grow dark around him. He saw more soldiers rushing in, swarming the room...too count. He fell unconscious.

(if you guys are wondering what's with the Echos, their is a storyline reason for them. You'll find out later)

(edit reason: I forgot to mention the soldiers rushing in. Ulta DID send an army to attack. We seem to be taking a long time to kill the scouts, and they'd probably hear us)


Kirema watched as the other a beautiful woman whom he'd not seen threw a vial blocking out all traces of light. He covered his eyes and backed off, looking for an opening. He suddenly felt dizzy and spun around only to hit his head on a rock jutting out from the cave wall. Swearing violently, he turned only to see the Faeleen drop to the ground with a mass of soldiers coming in through the opening. Kirema cut down two soldiers but felt weakened. Somehow, he just wasn't himself. Kirema quickly backed off and then knew they would be hard pressed to find a way out of here...

Kirema looked around again and saw the body of the Faeleen being ignored, or possibly being avoided, by the enemy. They might have been scared by the appearance of the Faeleen or just disgusted, as humans often are. Nevertheless he quickly found out a plausible idea and spin-kicked the soldiers from around the body, using wind to psuh them a bit away.

"If anyone wants to get out of here safe, come follow me!"

With that he took up the fallen body and  vaulted over the remaining, using wind to keep himself afloat in the air and pushed violently off the walls of the cavern, escaping into bright sunlight. He ignored the shouts of both the enemy soldiers and the shouts of his body. His energy was at a low and he need a place to rest...

***Sorry, I don't feel like being captured just yet. I took some liberties but I'm weakening myself as is due. I hope I didn't screw anyone's plans over.*