[XP] Day Night Climate System (DNC)

Started by winkio, January 19, 2009, 03:14:48 pm

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Quote from: winkio on January 23, 2009, 05:30:54 pm
That sounds fairly simple.  Calendar would take all of 5 minutes to make.  And temperature wouldn't take too long either.  Do you like the climate setup I have or will I be changing it?  (if we change it, then I will maintain this script separately, otherwise, I'll combine them.)

you should also make it so players hit lower when its really hot and really cold, to give it a realistic feel.


Ok, this script just controls the environment (and will continue to do so).  The developer can decide to implement his own ssystems off of this to create different events depending on time/weather, have different battles, etc.  But the script alone is just environment. 

And Blizz, sorry for being a pain in the ass.  I added a conversion factor so you can control how fast time passes (which can be changed real time) as well as an AM/PM option (which is for the time).  I'm keeping track of seconds, minutes, hours, AM/PM (optional), day, week, month, and year right now.  That should be everything I need to set up a calendar when I get there.

Next in line is temperatures...


Now you've confused me. Does DNC count real seconds or are they converted into in-game time (i.e. 1 second = 1 minute in-game)?
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It counts real time seconds.  Then, I added a conversion factor to game time so you can configure how long one real-time second is in-game (IE 1 second real time = 1 minute game time, or whatever).  Also, using this option, you can slow-down or speed up how quickly time passes in-game with events.