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Started by Calintz, January 31, 2009, 10:36:09 pm

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I don't know...it doesn't work for me :\


wait, the demo itself doesn't work?  Is anybody else having this problem?  I'm certainly not...

So am I correct in saying, Calintz, that when you run the demo, when the guy is standing in place, his arms/head don't move around?


wink, the demo works for me.

Calintz, check your other scripts; one of them might be conflicting.


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the thing is, that this one small 48-line script is THE ONLY CUSTOM SCRIPT IN THE DEMO.  So... wait, are you using PKE or some other version of RMXP?


i like this script i just wish i could had a good idle pose to have.

p.s im haveing no problems yet with it

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No!! The DEMO works perfectly, but the script is not running correctly in my game...
It is probably conflicting somewhere, but I don't know enough about scripting to check...

Besides, this wasn't a key feature of the game, soI can live without it, but I kinda wanted it.


tell me what scripts you are using, and I'll tell you the conflict, I might be able to help fix it...


I am using these scripts...

  • Minkoff's Animated Battlers

  • Arevulopapo's Worldmap

  • Ccoa's UMS

  • Blizzard's Tons

  • Blizzard's CMS

  • Blizzard's Chaos Rage System

  • Blizzard's Artbook Viewer - Custom script he made for me

  • Moghunter's Title Screen

That's it...
I can't really see why there is a confliction here...

Maybe with the WorldMap as it resizes the charaset and what not...


February 01, 2009, 09:08:23 pm #28 Last Edit: February 01, 2009, 09:10:07 pm by winkio
its either Worldmap, or Tons.  Most probably Worldmap if it resizes, and the lazy coder guy decreased its compatibility.  Send it to me, and I'll see if I can make it compatible

EDIT: better yet, upload your scripts.rxdata


Like send it through like Sendspace or something??



I sent the link in the Shoutbox...


February 01, 2009, 09:40:31 pm #32 Last Edit: February 01, 2009, 09:43:07 pm by winkio
ok the conflict is with Tons part 1.  The caterpillar is doing it.  Let me see what i can do...

Are you using caterpillar?


no I am not using the caterpillar effect...


ok, I was going to have you take it out, but I have a better solution:

go to line 2677 in Tons part 1 (DEAD_DISPLAY = 1) and change the value from 1 to 0.  Then you are done! (lol)


Wait...are you serious, Lol??
Will that allow me to have full function ability of both scripts??


yes, it just wont show ghosts in caterpillar anymore, but I don't think that will be a problem :)


Haha, not at all!!
Thank you very much, this is working perfectly now!!


Final version of the script, for anyone who wants it:
# ** Game_Player
#  With idle sprites.  name the idle sprites the same as their normal ones
#  except with '_idl' on the end (before the extension)

class Game_Player < Game_Character
  # * Public Instance Variables
  attr_reader   :character_name_org       # original character file name
  attr_reader   :current_sprite           # current sprite suffix
  # * Object Initialization
  alias initialize_idlesprites_before initialize
  def initialize
    # set original character name
    @character_name_org = @character_name
    # set current sprite
    @current_sprite = ""
  # * Frame Update
  alias update_idlesprites_before update
  def update
    if @character_name != ""
      if moving?
        if @current_sprite != ''
          @step_anime = false
          @character_name = @character_name_org
          @current_sprite = ''
      elsif Input.dir4 == 0
        if @current_sprite != '_idl'
          @character_name_org = @character_name
          @step_anime = true
          @character_name += '_idl'
          @current_sprite = '_idl'


This is the same version as the one used in your DEMO, correct??