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« on: February 16, 2009, 08:57:16 PM »
Following downloads are available:

Lexima Legends - Chaos Project (Full Game 2.1.4) - at; 111 MB

Note: If you have LLCP v2.0.x installed, you must uninstall it first! Version v2.1.x or newer uses different registry entries for installation and is considered a separate application! Do NOT have v2.1.x and an older version installed side-by-side or you are risking permanent loss of save data!

Following updates are available:

Patch: v2.1.0 -> v2.1.1 - at; 3.24 MB
Patch: v2.1.1 -> v2.1.2 - at; 2.19 MB
Patch: v2.1.2 -> v2.1.3 - at; 2.06 MB
Patch: v2.1.3 -> v2.1.4 - at; 1.92 MB
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