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Started by G_G, March 08, 2009, 03:06:57 pm

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March 08, 2009, 03:06:57 pm Last Edit: March 10, 2009, 05:40:41 pm by game_guy
Guitar Hero Starter Kit
Version: Unreleased
Type: Guitar System


Ever wanted to make your own guitar hero game? With your own music? Well you can now but theres a downside. Notes are random.
Okay please read this!!! I am making this into a starter kit to make it well more Guitar Hero. The starter kit is about ready to release. It just uses some basic features. Select a song, play it. Theres no buying more songs, or costumes. Just some basic.

Features For Starter Kit

  • Just like guitar hero house but a little bugged
  • Different stage and custom tileset
  • Easy Medium or Fast speeds
  • RTP Heroes with isntruments


This is the old version.


Okay to make the demo compatible with any of your songs just import them into the project, edit the event on the far left side and change the song.

Credits and Thanks[/s]

  • game_guy for making it
  • Wierd Al for his song I'm Fat (included in the demo)
  • Landith for finding me a fret board.[/s]

Credits for Starter kit

  • game_guy for making it
  • game_guy for making custom tileset
  • landith for adding texture to my tileset
  • landith for making Arshes holding a guitar
  • Susys for making Basil holding a microphone
  • game_guy for making theif use drums
  • All song artists for there songs

If you want to sign up for beta testing, please sign up:

Name: Name or Nickname
E-Mail: Either Msn or email
And you gotta be trustworthy and promise you wont release it to anyone else!!!

Current Beta testers:

  • Chaze007
  • StarrodKirby86
  • Landith
  • Susys
  • Dio

I will take six beta testers. First come first serve four slots left!!!


Looks pretty cool :)
*Downloads* :P


im good at guitar hero, ill check this out, and do u strum it or do you just click it?



Well, since you don't strum, wouldn't this be a better SM system? :V?

Mmm... also, from what I read, it seems like the game only supports 1 song.

I played the demo, and the notes didn't always seem to register as being struck.  I'm 95% sure I hit them at the supposed right time...

Also... *pokes the grammar mistakes in thread*


Well I did discover you have to press it right before it matches. But who put house there because I didnt?


The only prob i see with it from the screeny it's a bass fret board xD
Serious bass have 4 strings while guitars have 6

If you were a fish...


Yeah, I chose that one because he is only using 4 keys to play it. So unless he adds 2 more keys, it stays at a bass.


The keys don't match up though... :O


Yeah, but oh well, that would be due to RMXP's gay 32x32 grid.

I could try to find one or make one that is 32 pixels away from each string, but I would have to make one because the guitar's aren't like that...
I might make one for game_guy later though...

But this event system isn't about the background image, it's about playing a guitar hero on RMXP... >.>


Landith is correct. And it would be easy to include more than one song. Just copy the map, paste it....Nevermind. Its going to take a small bit of eventing to include a song selections, and to have multiple songs. In fact I'll include another demo with a song selection, a better fret board maybe, more songs to make it event better.


just give it a highway like guitar hero, and guitar hero only has 5 buttons, so asdf they keys he uses are just notes that you play... so is the 5in guitar hero for guitar and bass.


Okay I've decided to go all out and make a guitar hero starter kit. Complete witha few custom scripts and whatnot.



okay hopefully the starter kit will be released sometime tomorrow. Hopefully. Anyways I am addinga new feature that I didnt plany on. I am going to add the fail option. If a certain variable reaches 0 than you fail the song :( I am also going to try to implement a mutliplier.


Interesting, interesting. I like how this is starting off, but it seems like it has bugs. I'm missing notes, too, and I'm damn sure I hit them. :\ I'm almost 100% sure actually XD. Great job though G_G and I'll power you up anyhow. I'd be glad to make songs for people once this gets all in order. XD


March 09, 2009, 10:23:40 pm #16 Last Edit: March 09, 2009, 10:25:07 pm by game_guy
Thanks dio. Anyways umm yea press teh note right before it reaches it if that makes sense. its as accurate as can be but I can try to make it better. I also added a successful difficulty selector. Also I will update screenies tomorrow and this is waht I added. A stage with a crowd watching Arshes rocking out on the guitar, Basil singing to the song, and Dorothy bashing some drums xD non animated xD.

By tomorrow it will be done! Hopefully. :/

EDIT I love this -----> G_G xD


I'm wondering if you might try and script this. You already have an open source Guitar Hero emulator to look at called Frets on Fire. Also, Stepmania is a great little game to look at. Both are open source.


Well with my scripting knowledge and some spare time scripting this would be a complete failure :V:

Serious I suck at scripting and can just script basic windows, some snippets, and menus is all :P

But I just added the Career manager, a song selector, and just about done with the failure thingy


Well, it's good to see progress! =D I'll look into scripting it myself, btw.