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You're not insane. Trust me, you don't even know what insane means.

You've never met me.

You've never met Les Claypool or Buckethead.

Shining Riku

Aye, I have played another tales game besides Symphonia 1 & 2: Phantasia.

I'd have played more of them by now but I don't exactly own a PS3 or Xbox 360 : /

and true, maybe I do act like a decent human being here online but I have my moments in real life where I just...get high and happy for no reason.

and seriously people I don't drink. Any insanity that I MAY have....it's a defect in me brain.

Again i'll update this project topic once i'm ready to upload a new demo and such. I'll practically have to rewrite the whole first post the changes are so extensive.


How is this game coming along? You still working on it?

Shining Riku

Yup! Haven't made much progress story wise, but i've been working on lots of the things that make the game work. I tend to play through my game from the bottom up to test it (which is fun as heck) but there's things that don't get updated on the save files so I'm doing my best to get as many of those things out of the way now before I set myself up for another playthrough :p

Shining Riku

Lol, I guess  :^_^':

It'll be a lot more than just a demo, though.

well.....I was just thinking about it. I suppose I could copy the project file and cut out a bunch of stuff to make a "demo" sized game for people to play. It'd be fair enough  :P

I think i'll do that. I'll fix it up some more to make sure everything works up to the point where i'll make the demo versions end, then i'll PM you, SBR*, and The Niche.

Not that I think you'll be any trouble, but none of the graphics in this game are for use at all without permission. I actually don't mind that much about some of the graphics that I've edited/made, but one of my friends has an Original Character that i'm hosting in the game for fun, and I won't tolerate any theft of graphics related to that character. My friend has plans for this OC and if I had the means i'd skin alive anybody that steals said graphics.

......Lol that also goes for my OCs. I'm practicing drawing so I can make a Manga, and some of my OCs are important characters from the manga i'm planning.

Basically, some of the material is as good as copyrighted.

SOOO......I'll finish up a few loose ends and when I have enough done, the demo will basically have the first two "Paths" that the player can choose, I.E. two alternate stories from near the beginning of the game.

Where ya go is up to you! :D

I'll PM you once i've finished the 'demo' though


Okay, sounds good. And don't worry, I wouldn't steal sprites from someone who's already making me sprites, that'd just be evil.

Shining Riku

Yeah, I know.

The warning was more aimed at other people who might get the idea, so it was just for precaution.

Might have that demo up sometime soon today.