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Started by G_G, May 01, 2009, 08:50:28 pm

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I would like to ask you to add a couple of features:
1. When storing or dropping items, make a pop-up window that asks how many (if you have x number of an item or more) to store/drop
2. Why store items? you should make a item limit or equipment weight system( I know there already are some, but yours would be compatible with this script) to limit the inventory, forcing the player to have to store/drop items. Maybe base it off the party's combined STR to simulate the whole party sharing in carrying loot etc. It's like having a bank/atm system in a game but no reason to use it, the player will just keep their gold with them.

I dont know if you like my suggestions, but I offered them... I think it would make your system very powerful compared to other item storage scripts Ive seen...


when I get time I'll add the pop up window. But I'm not sure how I would go forcing the player to have to drop items. But theres an item limit of 99 already for each item. So that makes players have to store items already.


I was just thinking that the 99 of any item would seem kinda ridiculus.  Arshes: I can carry 99 of any item, but not 100, yet i can carry 99 of another item at the same time!
Hilda: I can carry 250 pounds of items
you already have an awesome feature, but I think you could do even better. of course if you dont like the idea, thats fine. I know how it would work, and how to assign (through many ways ) weight to items using multiplexed dummy elements or by using a comment in the items description (simpler) any way thanks for the awesome script


I seem to get an error when I open it, select "Store Items," then exit the script.
Strange thing is, I was trying to see if it was an incompatibility issue with my other scripts, so I added each of my scripts (in the same order) to a new project, and did the same thing on the new project. I also tried moving the script up (one spot at a time, to see if it'd make a difference) but nothing different happened, nothing failed on the new project any of the times, but it messed up every time on the first one. I don't get why. Anyway, this is the error message (it was the same message each time):

(If you want the script order, PM me.)


Another one of those "simple" scripts that adds a very nice feature to your game.
Good job Game_Guy.


Thanks for this great script =). Works perfectly in the demo you provide but I cant seem to get it to work just right with mine yet. This error keeps coming up.

Script 'Storage System' line 53: NoMethodError Occured
undefined method 'item_number' for 1:Fixnum

Is it possible that I placed the script in the wrong place. I have under all Blizzard's scripts. It does the same thing whether its above or below his scripts. Any advice?
Nothing goes as planned but I keep going forward.


what scripts are you using?

Upload your project with all of your scripts I'll take a look at it.


I also tried adding your Modify Max Amount script but I got an error with that also I believe. Thank you for helping me with this =).

Also I am just testing scripts out so that's why there isn't much done just yet.
Nothing goes as planned but I keep going forward.


Okay I guys I've gotten alot better in scripting. So I'm doing a complete redo on this system. I'm starting from scratch and I'm going to make it do more things.

Here's some planned ideas
* Dont use the game variables
* Easily have items already in chest
* Add or remove items in chest via script call

So yea this script is getting revamped and does anyone have any other suggestions I could put in it?

Hellfire Dragon

Maybe a limit on how much you can put in a chest, I don't think you'd fit 99 swords and shields into a jewlery box for example :P


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Good suggestion adding it right now

almost done with the new revamped version :)
What it does is actually store the chests into $game_system.chests which is an array. That way it doesnt use up variables but it still keeps track of what it holds.

Trying to figure out how to set it up making it where chests already have default items.

Okay added new features and new instructions. Everything is working great and its got more compatibility because the chests are saved in Game System.
So you can now do this
Have default max amount of any item in any chest but can easily be changed when calling the scene
Have items already in any chest
Saves in game system to make it more compatible enjoy! :)


Thanks for such a great script!!

Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but I've been a little confused by people's suggestions along the way. I'm peeved I missed the chance to suggest some good features!

I don't see why people are complaining about ''why would people store things''...just put item limit scripts in if you can o_o anyway...

Is there some way to say, reset the container's contents? By this I mean, I love the idea of storage and putting things in and out of chests, wardrobes etc: but say you got an item from a chest in an NPC's house somewhere, and left a pickle behind, It doesn't make much sense if the pickle stays there ages after you come back. So like I think someone said before, can it be so that certain containers/events (such as YOUR chests, or a bank, etc) allow you to store items in and out, but leaving items in other places (such as an NPC's house) will cause them to dissapear after a while?

Have you already implemented this, or is there a way of doing so, or is it stupidly obvious already? x.x
Thanks x


I can add this for a script call

It wont take long to add


added compatibility for RMX-OS


can we open the item storage on Chest A and deposit items on it, and then open the same item storage in Chest B?
(imagine an Item Bank system)


well if you really wanted to, all you'd do is have two different events and use this in a script call in both events
$scene = Scene_Chest.new(1)


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 :haha: Amazing script game guy! I love it!
Typical Fallout 3 / Oblivion awesomeness, great job!

The only thing that I really feel is missing is that you can put all of your items in it.
What I mean with that is that some items you don't want the player to be able to remove from the holding bag.

I've fiddled around with the script and I can't seem to figure out how you cannot put certain items in.
I just kept getting syntax errors.

Would you be kind enough to consider this feature in a future update?


Yea I'll add that. So pretty much you want to be able to not put some items in there. That'll be simple. The hard thing is when I'll be able to do it.


I see, well take your time. And thanks.

...If I only knew the syntex for individual item ID's, then I could have done it myself, instead of bothering you.
I've already managed to make it work with another script called item limits. (i.e you can only carry 20 potions)


Hey man nice script! Could you make it so that if there is a certain number of items (say 10) in the box, a window would pop up saying how many you would like to take? Cuz like in fallout, money can be picked up in my treasure chests and it would take really long without such a menu O_O

Thanks in advance!

This just looks to sick!