[XP] RMXPAce -- Using the VX Ace engine in your XP games

Started by Terv, February 17, 2013, 04:38:51 pm

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wow! so cool! thanks a lot! I will check them now n.n

Amazing, thanks for your help!


I must say, this is some kind of unthinkable witchcraft, and it is amazing.

I'm having a lot of little problems after implementing it, but I'm fighting to make it compatible with my project. I'm sure it will be worth it.

So, great job


I got a new crash error. Script XPA Main: Line 19: RuntimeWError ocurred. Traceback too big. Outpo}ut in traceback.log
What is that? lol


Already answered in a PM, but posting here for others.

XPA comes equipped with a traceback script for better debugging (see Main). The pop-up window that typically happens when an error occurs can only fit so much text in it. If your traceback is too large, as a result, it outputs the error to an external LOG file in your game project's folder.

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I got those errors from time to time. A file named 'traceback.log' located in your game folder should have the error info, but some times it says the error but not where it happens, so just check both the error pop-up and the tracebak file and it should be ok