Started by jcsnider, January 29, 2008, 07:39:30 am

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It would be helpful to if possible to maybe make a tutorial on how to change where rpg maker xp saves like in a folder instead of save1 where the game.exe is.


Find in the script whereever it says Save. You can do a global search with CTRL+SHIFT+F. You will find it 3 times if I'm not wrong. Not simply change the Save to Saves/Save and the files will be in a folder called Saves. You can also use something different that Save and have savefiles that are called differently. You can also change the extension sav or rxdata (which it is, depends on the RMXP version) to any other extension you like. i.e. in my game I use Saves/Chaos and cps as extension.
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Thanks, I tried that once but only changed one of them, didnt find 3 and it didnt work, then it took hours to find it again and replace it to normal I wasn't too good with rpg maker back then, havn't got much better u can tell, thanks.


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