I'd like some sprites please.

Started by RogerSmith, June 08, 2009, 09:32:45 am

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I'm not sure if Kalintz is just busy or doesn't care, so I just thought I'd move my request here so it'd get a bigger audience.

What I want is pretty simple actually.

I'm going to modify my original request though. This time around, I'd like him in an outfit one would wear in desert conditions. And any other NPC's in simlar garment would be a big help. But I only really need the Hunter done.

I might request the same hunter sprite wearing winter clothing like I originally asked, but I know spriters don't like to jump through request hoops, so for now just desert clothes would be great.

Thanks to anyone who wants to do this for me. And if you need an idea or something, just google up pics of Jaster Rogue.