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The Rules
1. No doubleposting within 24 hours of your previous post. After 24 hours, it is ok to do so. If you forgot to say something in your original post, or need to change any information, then you should make use of the MODIFY button. Don't forget that SMF will treat an edit of the last post just like a new post it will be displayed as if there were new posts in the topic.

2. Keep images in your signatures within 800x200 px and 200 kB. The pictures in your signature may altogether be no more than 200 kB. Every signature not matching this criteria is a subject of the moderator team to remove and leave this rule as message in your signature. For reference, maximum avatar size is 140x200 px.

3. Gravedigging and necroposting is allowed if your post is relevant or important enough. That means as long as your post is relevant and important enough to post in a topic that has been considered dead, it is ok. Unless, of course, the topic you're posting in is several months old, then you would be better off just starting your own topic. This also means posting just to say "Cool" or "I agree" or anything else pointless in nature will result in the deletion of the post and/or locking of the topic.

4. No flaming. It will result in deletion of your posts, and at Admin's decision, temporary or permanent banning. The forums are used as forums for mature debating, although the "mature" part in itself is debatable. Of course you can make fun and jokes. This is no flaming.

5. No spamming. This is of course acceptable in the Spam forum, but nowhere else.

6. You may only advertise your site in the "Advertising" forum if you have 30 posts of more. Otherwise the topic will be deleted. Advertising external sites in your signature is acceptable, but keep it to a minimum.

7. Use the Search function. There may already be a topic that exists that you're going to post about. If you have a problem with RPG Maker, chances are someone else has had this problem too. Search to see if the topic exists. If you can't find it, then feel free to post it; we won't get mad if you've actually TRIED to search.

8. New projects must meet the requirements. Check out the stickied topic in the Projects section.

9. Images should always be put in [spoiler] tags. Some people have dial-up or limited bandwidth. Exception are smaller images (by filesize, not by dimensions!) and logos from companies and/or game projects and/or forums (i.e. in the advertising section) and some other special cases where the information is actually on the image (images with lots of text).

The Additional Rules for the Shoutbox
1. Shoutvertising is looked down upon. Shoutvertising is posting a shout that directs peoples attention to an existing topic. Everybody can see new topics and if they wanted to answer, they would have answered. You shoutvertising will not change anything. Shoutvertisement is subject to deletion without notice.

2. Posting external links is ok. While you should keep it to a minimum, it's alright to post some funny stuff or interesting links in the shoutbox, don't overdo it. It's just annoying.

3. Do NOT ask for help. The shoutbox is intended to serve as quick communication tool somewhere in between topics and chat. Unless you have a short questions that requires a short answer, do NOT post your question in the shoutbox. It will be ignored.

4. Multiple shouts are allowed. As the shoutbox has a limitation of 500 characters per shout, you are allowed to make multiple shouts. That doesn't mean you can shout 10 times in a row. See rule #5.

5. Flooding of the shoutbox is strictly forbidden. Flooding the shoutbox can lead to even permanent bans. Don't flood the shoutbox.

The Additional Rules for IRC Chat
1. All regular forum rules apply. Failure to abide these rules can result in a kick. If severe enough, a ban will be accounted for.

2. Repeated advertising of other channels/IRC servers is strictly forbidden. Mentioning once is allowed (i.e. "Hey, I'm going to #XYZ, you should come over, it's great there."). Repeated advertising can result in kicks and bans.

3. You can change your name using the /nick command. For more information see below. While you do have the freedom to use any name, DO NOT imitate another user. You are allowed to impersonate for fun by using similar names only if:
[*]You are registered at the forum.
[*]At least one member knows who you really are.
[*]You answer who you really are if you get asked.[/list]
You already have agreed to these terms by registering at this forum.

4. You are allowed to stay completely anonymous without identifying yourself. In that case it is completely forbidden to impersonate somebody which includes least similar usernames and claiming to be somebody else without being able to prove it by using the appropriate registered username.

5. Register your own name as soon as possible to prevent somebody impersonating you. Registering somebody else's name will result in an immediate ban.

Examples for valid joke names:



IRC Chat Info/Help
For those amongst you that connect using an IRC client, the server is

[*]When you connect, type /join #chaosproject (not necessary if connecting over the website).
[*]You can register your name with /ns register PASSWORD EMAIL. The EMAIL is used in case you forget your pass.
[*]When you log in, use /ns identify PASSWORD so that the system knows it really is you who is using that name. This is only necessary if you have registered that name. You will be prompted to do so by NickServ.
[*]Finally you can kick someone from chat in order to regain your nick by using /ns ghost NICK PASSWORD.
[*]You should change and validate your name before you join #chaosproject, but it is not necessary.
[*]Bans in IRC are different than on the forum. You can be banned on IRC and not forum and vice versa.

Violation against the rules can result in deletion of posts/shouts without notice, temporary bans of all sorts and lengths and even permanent bans.

Added new rule and made it rule 2. The rest was left unchanged, only (now) rule 6 was slightly enhanced.

Updating my sig (rule 2)

Fallen Angel X:

--- Quote from: Blizzard on January 08, 2008, 01:01:58 AM ---
2. Keep your signatures at reasonable size. The pictures in your signature may altogether be no more than 200kB and take up an area of 1600px2. That means 2 pictures of 400x200 are fine, one picture of 800x200 is fine and so on. Also your pictures height must not exceed 200 pixels, width can be as big as you want as long as your pictures match the other criteria. Every signature not matching this criteria is a subject of the moderator team to remove and leave this rule as message in your signature.

--- End quote ---

Soo.... A question about rule 2... Say if I were to change my sig, would I be allowed to take off that bit one of you mods or admin added? Like I want to change my sig but not accidentily break some rule or something >_<

I guess so. You can change your sig and remove "that bit one of you mods or admin added", but make the new sig small, 'kay ^_^


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