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Started by Diokatsu, August 20, 2009, 10:06:21 pm

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I guess I want sprites... I'm figuring out the blizz abs system currently as I write this, and I think I'm getting a hang of the animations (I'm new to rpg maker in general, only had it for about a month). So, I'm figuring out how to get ballistics to work basically with animations.

But I guess I'll need different character sprites for each of the equipped weapons, that's the only thing that would make sense. I did see something about a script or something that would change the character each time you switched weapons, and I think I mistook that to mean it actually redrew the sprite with the weapon on top of it, but that doesn't make sense. So, long story short, yes, I am looking for sprites of this character with each of these weapons. I think the basic gun animations in rmxp will work for the animation part, except maybe the molotov cocktail, but if you can do the sprites of the character holding the weapons, that would be awesome.
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Sadly I cannot, as I am not a spriter.
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Get UP ! some graphists here ? :)
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