Bans and deleted accounts

Started by Blizzard, February 05, 2008, 11:51:14 am

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February 05, 2008, 11:51:14 am Last Edit: May 13, 2015, 07:58:58 am by Blizzard
Currently active bans:

computerwizoo7Repeated spamming, immature behavior, insulting, flaming of other members, creation of dupe accountsNeverFull IP ban
RalphnessRepeated spamming, necroposting and creation od dupe accountsNeverFull IP ban
mattfriendsRepeated spamming, necroposting and theft of scripts and informationNeverFull ban
36incRepeated immature behavior, insulting, flaming of other members and causing or argumentsNeverFull IP ban
StormRepeated spamming, necroposting and theft of scripts, possibly dupe account by mattfriendsNeverFull ban

Deleted accounts:

forgot the name, something with shoes;ad account
LoisCampon;ad account
00Ethepeestania;ad account
ViagraFeller;ad account
ShemObsesse;ad account
itevicweefbic;ad account
Ovesetwitle;ad account
Sexuallove;ad account
sowObsemo;bot account
huntundra;posted porn
sorry;dupe account (by Lost_Hope)
ninjakyler;deleted after Fallen Angel X reregistered his account under Fallen Angel X
FBI;account created for creating a diversion from the real random stuff argument 2009
SexualHerassIs;dupe account (by RoseSkye)
TheRoseSkye;dupe account (by RoseSkye)
Lea;dupe account (by RoseSkye)
LurkerKoetsu;dupe account (by RoseSkye)
computerwiz007;dupe account (by computerwizoo7)
yoyohh;ad account
WizKid;dupe account (by computerwizoo7)
Eyece;dupe account (by computerwizoo7)
yoyohhh;ad account
lj1987;ad account
LovelessEntertainment;impersonation of an already existing member
Rose_SuperFire;impersonation of an already existing member
Adeline Hilta;dupe account (by RoseSkye)
Surrealian;dupe account (by RoseSkye)
OrdinaryShadow;dupe account (by Ralphness)
Hellfire;dupe account (by Ralphness)
NightOfEternal;dupe account (by VeteranDarkness)
q455923354;ad account
Anonymous;troll account
fofo;ad account
wanghuanju;ad account
lolz;dupe account
ajieecruz21;ad account
baoquan;ad account
Entity3;dupe account (by Subsonic_Noise)
Detox;ad account
Johnathan55;ad account
John77;ad account
Boblish342;ad account
wahtcent;ad account
cancail;ad account
jonnielulu;ad account
Superfly;posted porn and impersonation of an already existing member
Grogy;dupe account (by Skwig)
abraham12;ad account
ledase;ad account
goodtxmy666;ad account
jkjh97LKJ;ad account
ghwrt5yw;ad account
aminehamadache42;ad account

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