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Started by winkio, October 05, 2009, 11:57:26 pm

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October 05, 2009, 11:57:26 pm Last Edit: May 16, 2010, 09:00:23 pm by winkio
The Blizz-ABS HUD Request Station

Welcome to the Blizz-ABS HUD Request Station.  Here you can request fully custom HUDs for your Blizz-ABS game.  This is a Chaos-Project exclusive offer, so take advantage of it active CP members!


We do fully customizable HUDs, including bars, party displays, facesets, displays related to other scripts, and hotkey/minimap arrangements, as well as skins, animations, and graphical support.  Know exactly what you want in your request, and do a mockup with the exact sizes and positions you want everything to be at.


  • Detailed and thorough EXPLANATION

  • Detailed and thorough MOCKUP

 1.  Make a post requesting your HUD, providing all the necessary criteria.
 2.  If your post meets all the criteria, you will be put on the waiting list.  If your request is
      missing information, you will need to gather what it is missing.
 3.  Once you get off the waiting list, you become a current client.  A crew member will work
      with you as they start developing the HUD.
 4.  Once the crew member finishes the HUD, they will pm you a link to download it.  You then
      have a one week trial period to ask for any necessary adjustments.  
 5.  Once the week is up, you will receive another link to the script with the adjustments
      requested.  At this point, the HUD is finished.  You are still allowed to come back for
      bugfixes and any questions, but the work session is over.
 6.  We ask that you send us a screenshot of the final product to post on our topic page, along
      with your name and the name of the game that it is from.  Feel free to include additional information
      as well (such as links, descriptions, etc.)


  • Active members at Chaos Project get priority.  This is a chaos project exclusive offer, and it should benefit those who are a big part of this community before people who didn't help build it.

  • We reserve the right to refuse any part of any request for any reason.

  • Although we fully support our scripts in terms of debugging, we reserve the right to refuse to update your script with significant changes or to debug it for any new scripts or changes in your project.

  • All of us have lives, so your request won't get done immediately.  We go for quality, not for speed.

The Crew

  • winkio

  • Aqua

  • game_guy

  • Lore

Be sure to credit the correct people who answered your request!


TheRexion's custom HUD (I took this from the demo project, which doesn't have facesets or anything)
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Client List

Current Clients:
TheRexion - Trial Period
  crew member: winkio
legacyblade- In Development
  crew member: winkio
nathmatt - In Development
  crew member: game_guy

Waiting List:

Completed Requests:



I want a full blown FF XII hud
google screenies to see what it looks like okay?
Umm just search final fantasy 12 pics
then umm I want it to display all of them going vertically down on the left side of the screen
Then like the minimap is under it like yea
So then I for hotkeys just make them vertically go down on rightside yea cool thanks

Lol kidding sign me up as a scripter, and thats an example of what not to request, that is not descriptive enough lol


October 06, 2009, 12:04:03 am #2 Last Edit: October 06, 2009, 12:17:43 am by winkio
Quote from: game_guy on October 06, 2009, 12:01:46 am
I want a full blown FF XII hud

I just shouted "I REFUSE" really loudly when I read that XD

you're on, of course.  I pmed Aqua, but she said she's too busy right now...


I guess I could be on the crew...

Probably not scripting, since that takes a ton of time...
But maybe...

Graphics for the HUDs?
Iunno .___.



Ew... I'm third in the list... DX

Wanna use this as an example or something...?
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there, now you are sandwiched in the middle, just how you like it  :naughty:

I want to use examples from this thread, but since we don't have any and people need to see some stuff, I guess we can use whatever for now.


I actually really like that one that Aqua posted lol can I possibly get that one except with the top bar for HP and the bottom used for Blizz's overdrive/limitbreak system bar. and then maybe put a bar in between them for the SP? that would be perfect for me   :^_^':
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More specifics please.

Colors of the bars?
Will you be using facesets?
Do you want that rounded edge on the right?


green for the HP
blue for the SP
Red for the limit/overdrive bar
ummm yea I want to use face sets I just havent made them yet but I plan to
and  yes to the rounded edge please.

anything else? :???:
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You should make a mockup Faint.  And nothing in paint, make it look good.

@the crew: we should make example templates/themes.  You of course know that by we, I mean that it will probably be me ;)


ok I will see what I can do this evening. I am good with graphics its just the scripting lol
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current project - Project: AURA


there should be a way for "gold" to show up in the hud,
maybe as numbers or something
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In fact, there is a way.  It's already been shows on at least one HUD uploaded in this very script section.


October 07, 2009, 05:20:46 pm #14 Last Edit: October 07, 2009, 10:13:47 pm by TheRexion
I need the Hud to look like the one in Infinite Undiscovery,
I got a couple of videos to show what I mean

Well I want the Life Gauges and the MP gauges like they are in the vid,
In the bottom right corner.
And I need them to be different sizes, liike thew first one to be big, and the other
chars in your party to have smaller ones, it could use face sets but the
Other Parties faces would have to be smaller to fit

How's that?


Explanation and mockup.  Unless you just want me to put a screenshot of the game as the background for the HUD.



i hope this doesn't downs your chance of getting that hud created.

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me too
And I edited my first post with more info,

How is it?


You got the explanation, now you need a mockup.