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Started by winkio, October 05, 2009, 11:57:26 pm

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Any HUD is possible to make.  It's called scripting.


my question was more preferring to
"are the crew able to?"

anyway thats great, i'll just wait till you guys get back to making huds


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i got a more complex hud and i wonder if you script gods could make it, So if you need a bit of a challenge
Note anything near the top goes near the top, same with the bottom

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the boss health bar is only active during boss battle

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note the sliding (I would like the mini map to slide onto the screen and the quick menu when you leave the menu)

EDIT: the rune like symbol is replaced with the icon and name of skill equipted and also i would like the MP to recharge on the map once it its empty NOTE: if there is not enough MP to do the skill you can do it anyway so it can recharge and a that point turns purple untill full (possibly a more powerful vsn of the skill when you use the last of the MP) Also the Health fades to red as it goes down {so the full is green and the helf is yellow and the almost empty is red}(but not like in pokemon I hate the look of it )

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Things About My Hud

  • The boss health only in boss battle

  • The skill quick select thing scrolls down and up & has 6 slots slots customizeable from skill/item menu on reverse side of screen

  • MP bar fills from MP to the end(P1,P2 MP fills from left to right), HP fills from right to left, EXP from left to Right, Boss emptys from left to right

  • Health = green, MP = Blue, EXP = grey, Boss HP = Rad/Maroon

The skill scroling menu

  • if in the skill/item menus the skill quick menu appears on left side of screen (same height)

  • when you press {use equipted skill key} the cursor moves to the skill quick menu and you use the up/down keys used to change the selection on the map to select the slot to equipt the skill/item

  • to equipt a skill press {equipt skill key}, to use equipted skill press{use equipted skill key}, to use selected skill/item in skill quick menu press{use quick menu key}. (You can use a key to go up inthe quick menu and down in the quick menu)

  • SRRY I know you don't do menu add-ons but i realy dont like the pre menu for blizz-abs and its only a small edit to the skill and Item menus



Can I make it?  Yes.
Is it going to be made any time soon?  No.
Why?  To backed up, too much other stuff to do.

Sorry =/


can you put me on the waiting list ├žause i canwait a while (MY computer brokedown and i canno longer use it so...)I can wait a while becides I can't work on my game itself much so I would stilllike the hud i just don't mind how long it takes.




I was wondering if you could make me a Simple Boss HP Hud. I've searched for one on Google, here and rmrk but to no avail.
I like how Blizz ABS' HP bars are for NORMAL enemies, but not for bosses. I'd rather have one big one at the bottem of the screen to show that this enemy is indeed a boss.

If you could link me to something like it, that'd be great.

Here's an example if you need one anyway.
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I pretty sure this is extremely hard to do [because no one seems to answer boss hud questions (not even a troll or "read the manual" OR EVEN lern2script)
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I would think it could be done with a switch and a few simple variables.

Turn on Boss Fight switch, call BossFight common event.
In the common event, find the bosses name and hp, and then use a series of display graphic commands to draw the hp bar and name and such.

Something along those lines maybe?


I am done scripting for RMXP. I will likely not offer support for even my own scripts anymore, but feel free to ask on the forum, there are plenty of other talented scripters that can help you.


lmao sorry, it was in my 'undread posts since last visit' so i just assumed it was somewhat recent


It gives you a nice warning in bright red letters before you necropost.  Don't ignore it next time.


Quote from: winkio on January 15, 2011, 09:55:21 pm
It gives you a nice warning in bright red letters before you necropost.  Don't ignore it next time.
Except that the necropost warning only appears for posts older than 90 days. Definitely hasn't aged to that yet.

However, it does give a good lesson to read the last post before continuing on! We should be more observant in the future!

That being said, should anything be done about this request station? It seems that everyone's a little busy right now, and more requests definitely won't help.

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Yeah, I guess I'll lock it for now.  Depending on how the semester goes, I might unlock it soon, or it might have to wait.