C&C: The Cast of Soul Reaver I / Seinarukana (RTP Sprites)

Started by Caro Ru Lushe, February 12, 2008, 05:14:24 pm

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Caro Ru Lushe

Update on the 1st Page, Monica got fix (at last) & added the Minions.


thats quite a nice set of CGs there, how did you come across them?

Caro Ru Lushe

Caro Ru Lushe

Hmm . . . it's been a long time since I've updated this :p not to mention, that there's a tons of new characters & some of the Old ones have been remake. Thou I am not at my computer to post them up.

Still waiting for some Feedbacks/ Criticism for some of these sprites.

~ Caro Ru Lushe

Caro Ru Lushe

*Screw tires warnings of 90-days or older D< My Topic!*

*Ahem* I wanted to simply say that the 1st Post has been updated, you may want to take a look, I had been busy spriting & 'revamping' a lot >__>;; Althou not finished on half of them, I'm proud of the progress :3 (Specially having to sprite that darn Ruu / Monobe one, hardest one!)

:< I'd also comment that I had done some sprite poses & emotions based on templates from Monkeydlu, Legacyblade & among others.

~ Caro


Caro Ru Lushe

Thanks ^^

Althou not much of an update, but wanted to show something I had started working on (And been even more of a pain than Ruu / Monobe Sprite)
Caro working on platform: ShowHide

I had to make the darn thing from scratch, and it was rather frustrating since It sometimes didn't even looked like a circle or such. there's still some parts to fix that I realize, but I'm more interested in giving it's texture and shading.

I'm having trouble making it, since I don't have a clear idea of how I want to shade the bottom & such fo it can give the effect of been round and floating. -.-;;


Caro Ru Lushe

I sorta don't like the result, might go around messing bits by bits of it.

Caro Ru Lushe


New Floor & Wall Tile for the tileset with the root. I questioned why no one has done something like this cubes, they would fit for that 'super weapon' or 'final battle / dungeon' in RPGs if it has some technological or such story. I really like it, and refreshed my head from the platform itself. I might fix the 'blue lines' to make themlook more square-ish in some areas.

Sieg been there for size comparasion. These 'Cubes' are based of both Seinarukana & 'Castle in the Sky' same cubes. It gives a feeling of both Technological-Magical advancement to the tileset and even the dark purpose to which the place was constructed the now 'ruined' citadel with the Roots of Yggdrasil.

Thinking of probably sharing it as an Add-on.


I don't care for those tiles nearly as much as I like the platform.

Caro Ru Lushe

Remake Male School Uniforms:

Remaked Female Uniform:

I'm quite getting the hang of making Clothing out of scratch now.


wow i really like the female uniform it has a nice style to it.

Caro Ru Lushe

:x Thanks, Something I just finished:

Minion / Homunculus base to be working on (5 Variants; Red, Blue, Green, White & Black)


1) Scary :o
2) Awesome as always :up:
3) How long until a demo? You've kept us waiting for quite some time, you know ;)
Do you like ambient/electronic music? Then you should promote a talented artist! Help out here. (I'm serious. Just listen to his work at least!)

The best of freeware reviews: Gizmo's Freeware Reviews

Caro Ru Lushe

 :^_^': Thanks, regarding a Demo, I still don't quite have a release date yet, At least the hold isn't regarding graphics, it's more on gameplay & storywise that's holding it.


Sorry, but that name mis-led me. I thougth that it was LoK Soul Reaver...

And look what i noticed: http://9http://img7.imageshack.us/my.php?image=legacyblade.png


Quote from: PyhankoskiAnd look what i noticed: http://9http://img7.imageshack.us/my.php?image=legacyblade.png

First, you messed up the link.
And second, I've seen the first page of this topic, and LB's profile is shown normally. Plus, this wouldn't be the place to report it. -.-


That link is a direct copy so it should work...
And it was his post count i noticd. At the time it was 666...
So yea, i´ll just shut up now.

Caro Ru Lushe

May 14, 2009, 06:49:15 pm #99 Last Edit: May 14, 2009, 06:54:03 pm by Caro Ru Lushe
I have finally decided to release the sprites I have finished for RMRK, CP & Quintessence-tbv

Go nuts on using them, I know many of you wanted them. (These are the Sprites  themselves, not the Battlers or pictures, for those, you'd have to search them yourselves, Please note: regarding the missing characters, it's mostly due to either been incomplete, or not bothering to look on what folder the sprite sheet is.)


With that, I am expecting not to see any more of those PMs asking for them. :3 Credits is a Must of course, Either by 'Dark Angel Scion', 'Caro Ru Lushe', 'Darth Kaedus' is fine.

.___.;; Also, Sorry for the disappearance, was kinda busy, getting back to work also on the rest of the missing cast.

Well and somethings done so my spriting didn't fade away:

What I've been doing to kill time & Practice:

A Goblin (I liked the old children's book goblins I used to see in said books when I was little better than the RTP's), A Squire & Apprentice Magician (Trying out new palettes & ideas) are original characters.

There's also Ichimaru Gin & Aizen Sousuke from Bleach (having the clothing of the Hueco Mundo Arc), Kuro from Black God (Using a rather too bright skin palette >__>), Index from 'A Certain Magical Index' & Albert Wesker from Biohazard/Resident Evil series (Outfit of 5)