Is co-op on RMXP possible?

Started by C.C. rOyAl, November 02, 2009, 10:49:56 am

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C.C. rOyAl

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Quote from: Jackolas on November 02, 2009, 01:54:33 pm

is al I say

I'm pretty sure he means co-op as in Fable 2 co-op, where you and a few of your friends play a single-player style game simultaneously. In which case, he'd need a stripped-down version of RMX-OS.

C.C. rOyAl

ding ding ding! longfellows got it! so would anyone actually make it for me?
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well.. blizzard is working on RMX-OS for a long time now (and doing an awesome job)
it would require about the same time to make your request. without a reward I think it would be highly unlikely that anyone would help you.

would be nice if blizz could give some input on how long he is been working on RMX-OS


Not really that long. Co-op using RMX-OS would require some extra scripting though. And most probably the change of some stuff in the server. And the savegames would need to be synced.
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C.C. rOyAl

so it a possible add-on from the awesome blizzy? :plz:
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